Thursday, February 4, 2010

DeKalb Fire recordings detail response to deadly Dunwoody blaze


Aleister Crowley said...

It is really a tragedy that these five good brave DeKalb Fire Fighters are losing their careers over this sad incident. Everything that I have seen, heard, and read, albeit I am not in possession of all the information, indicates that they did everything possible to locate this fire, and this recording intensifies this belief.

For the past some twenty years my family has wholly and confidently entrusted the DeKalb County Fire Department's ability to ensure the fire safety of our property and that of our neighbors, and this unfortunate incident in which this poor woman died will not sully this trust, and hopefully these five fine men of integrity will retain their jobs.

Perhaps this incident will prove a kairotic moment for our city's leaders to realize that establishing a good working rapport with the leaders of our county should be of foremost importance in order that functional inter-departmental processes can be developed, tested, documented, and adhered to.

No more finger pointing at everything DeKalb County as being bad, and everything in the little time that Dunwoody has been a city as good. Dunwoody was solely managed by DeKalb County for years, and with the great families that its citizens' raised in that time, I'd say these were fairly copious years.

So, it's time to tone down the counterproductive rhetoric and work together on a community that is of benefit to both county and city.

Helen said...

"Everything that I have seen, heard, and read, albeit I am not in possession of all the information, indicates that they did everything possible to locate this fire, and this recording intensifies this belief. "

Except maybe....get out of the car and knock on the door of the house where the 911 call originated? Seems like that would have been the logical thing to do.

I too have been fully satisfied with Dekalb County fire services (and all other DC services that I have received over the years.) I would hate to see a fire department created in Dunwoody as a result of this one incident. I hated to see a police department in Dunwoody, since I had always received excellent support from the county.

But, I think there was negligence here.

Heyward said...

OK I am biased on this one. The Department is called Delkalb Fire & Rescue as stated on their website. How can you rescue someone who calls for help if you don't get out the fire truck? Brave? Termination was appropriate. This sends a message to all fire fighters not just in Dekalb county but in all counties across Georgia. Don't become complacent.

Aleister Crowley said...

Ms. Helen, I could be wrong, but I believe that knocking on the door and following through on a phantom 911 call, is where the on-site city police officers get involved, and probably if we had functional inter-departmental processes that were developed, tested, documented, and adhered to between county and city, this would have occurred.

These are the types of issues that need to be addressed by our city leaders instead of consistently finger-pointing at county officials thus inciting a contentious consociation.

The top agenda from day one for the city leaders should have been to foster a professional liaison between city and county instead all the counterproductive rhetoric that they continually hurl at county officials.

I would have thought that once the city of Dunwoody had actual elected officials these leaders would act more professionally than in the same moronic modus operandi initiated by the pro-City of Dunwoody dimwits that every April Fools Day would erect sophomoric signs beleaguering county officials.

Hopefully, for the sake of the city, with this incident they will move in a direction of mutual cooperation, unless the tie is now irreparably severed.

Helen said...

"I believe that knocking on the door and following through on a phantom 911 call, is where the on-site city police officers get involved"

Absolutely! If the SOP is for the police to follow up on 911 calls, then the city PD should take responsibility. I don't know the procedures, but someone should have knocked on the door.

I agree with you on the Dekalb bashing. It should stop. We're lucky that Dekalb County is still willing to pick up our trash....because we would have gotten inferior trash service otherwise. And, I do not think that a Dunwoody city fire department would be inherently better than a Dekalb county fire department, just as I believe the Dunwoody police department is no better than the Dekalb police department was. But, it costs more!

Dunwoody Mom said...
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Dunwoody Mom said...

Okay, let's make up out minds here. First you indicate that the Dekalb Fire Department provides good service (which everyone agrees with). Then you turn around and say that the Dunwoody Police should have disregarded the word of the DeKalb Fire Department when they said there was no fire and gone ahead and knocked on the door.

Aleister Crowley said...

Ms. Helen, very insightful and well articulated.

Firefighter said...

Firefighters in Dekalb County are very heartbroken and sorry about the tragedy involving Ms Bartlett. This is something that has never happened in the many years that Dekalb County Fire has existed. There were several mistakes made that night that led to a horrible outcome and if these guys involved could change things they would. As firefighters we see many horrific things that happen before we arrive and when we go back in service we carry these memories for the remainder of our lives. Being the cause of one of these tragedies is unforgivable to ourselves. These guys made mistakes and now are gone, they will never be able to work in public safety again. They have to face their family and friends with this. We want all of Dekalb County residents to know we will keep you safe and are willing to pay the ultimate price in doing so. We are dedicated to our job and know everyday we work that we may not go back home. We have saved many lives over the years, spent many days helping residents of Dunwoody during the tornado, and are here for you everyday but now feel like Dunwoody may have turned their backs on us. We had a recent incident where two guys on an ambulance were getting something to eat at a dunwoody restaurant and a lady commented that she couldn't believe Dekalb fire was being served there.

We are so glad we now have Dunwoody PD. These guys are there when we need them and are willing to assist in any way they can. I can't praise them enough. Your police chief is one of the best.