Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dr. Crawford Lewis discusses funding of Hollywood trip for DCSS Employees


Dunwoody Mom said...

I have chosen not to comment on this topic amidst the "hysteria" on the DeKalb School Watch Board. It remains to be seen if the money spent is wasteful or not - the judgement on that will come with the results gained, or not, from the America's Choice program.

My only real thought on all of this is that many companies now, due to budgetary issues, have adopted web-based conferencing, and maybe some conversations with this company could have brought this about rather than flying that many people to California.

GaryRayBetz said...

A very astute observation in your comment, Dunwoody Mom.

I've worked, first in the videoconferencing, then data collaboration / web conferencing industry since 1982, and with the economy as it is, this is the route that essentially most of private and government entities have gone instead of air travel unless, of course, an in-person interface is required.

The first upsurge in the use of this technology we saw was way back in 1990-1 at the outset of the Persian Gulf War when corporations didn't want their executives flying and resulting in a prolific few years of video codec equipment and ISDN access orders when they noted the cost saving benefits as well.

Now with the sophistication of the data collaboration / web conferencing technology there are even entire conventions transmitted virtually.