Friday, February 12, 2010

Dunwoody City Council Work Session Meeting Agenda

Monday, February 15th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
7:00 p.m. - Watch Live

1. EMS response discussion.
2. Solid Waste Management Plan discussion.
3. Recycling options discussion.
4. Appointment of four additional members to Design Review Advisory Committee.
5. Wintercrest subdivision street renaming discussion.
6. Residential fire suppression sprinkler systems discussion.
7. Ordinance to amend Chapter 16 Offenses and Violations re: Noise.
8. Discussion of text amendment for regulation of taxi cabs
9. Town and Gown discussion.
10. 2010 City Council Meeting Schedule.
11. Initiation of text amendments.


Platos Republic said...

I'd like to see an 'Option D' on the recycling plan.

Helen said...

I agree, Platos. Or...what's wrong with doing nothing? I don't think coercion will make people recycle, and I doubt the $30 fee now imposed by Dekalb county is preventing anyone from recycling who would like to do so.

In these tight budget times, I certainly don't want my tax dollars spent paying for recycling bins for those too cheap to pay for them themselves, or even worse, those who don't want them.

Bob said...

who pays for the 10,000+ residents of Dunwoody that live in multifamily units throughout the city. ( Can't mention the APARTMENT word )Why should they be denied the right to recycle and get FREE recycling bins and bags?
Let be truely democratic and give every citizen free access to the recycling.
In fact lets get the city to pass a business friendly code that would mandate that every building , commercial or office, to have huge Blue recycling bins in every parking lot.
Since we are giving things away let the City pay for that too.
Lets not worry about paying for pot holes and repaving.
I need a valium

themommy said...

I agree with Helen.

Doing nothing ought to be one of the choices.

Dunwoody Mom said...

While I think recycling is important and something everyone should participate in, are we really trying to get to the point of making it mandatory?

Surely not.