Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is Marta planning on cutting the bus line to Georgia Perimeter College?

MARTA has announced proposed service cuts in order to save a few bucks and Thomas Wheatley over at Creative Loafing gives a nice overview and links to the proposal for the Governor to save the day (at least for now). 

The one item that jumps out at me is the "Discontinued Service" of the Tilly Mill Bus, # 132 which goes directly past Georgia Perimeter College.  It looks as if college students will now be walking from Peeler and North Peachtree Road.   Check out this spreadsheet, especially bus routes 103 and 132 since maybe I'm reading it incorrectly. 

I called MARTA for clarification at 404-848-5000 and the representative didn't have a future map nor could understand the terminology used either? So if anyone gets a good answer on Marta continuing on Tilly Mill up to Womack, please share.  Thanks.

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