Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DeKalb County School "Brain Trust" indicted.

AJC - Former DeKalb County schools superintendent Crawford Lewis and three others, including former chief operating officer Patricia Reid, have been indicted on charges they ran a criminal enterprise that sent millions of dollars to Reid’s then-husband and others.

In exchange for steering school construction work to Reid's former husband and other vendors, the school officials and Lewis' secretary received cash, sports tickets or other perks, DeKalb District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming announced Wednesday.

A grand jury returned indictments on Lewis, Reid, also known as Pat Pope, her former husband Tony Pope and her secretary Cointa Moody.

Powerpoint Presentation by Gwen Keys Fleming on Indictment 

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Crawford Lewis DeKalb RICO Indictment

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Heyward said...

Well its about time. I wonder if Pat Pope is still getting paid by the school board while she is on trial?