Sunday, May 30, 2010

Further Problems in DeKalb 911, could Dunwoody do it better and at what price?

Could Dunwoody do it better and at what price?

Councilman Wittenstein wants your opinion on 911, are you willing to pay more?

DeKalb 911 Problems Has Dunwoody Looking Elsewhere

No Ambulance Available in Dunwoody?

Fired Firefighters Say Dispatchers Should Share Blame for Fatal Dunwoody Fire

Presentation of DeKalb Public Safey Director, William Miller to Dunwoody City Council

Issues of 911 in DeKalb County raised at Dunwoody City Council Meeting


John Heneghan said...

Champion newspaper article on Dunwoody 911 options

Bob said...

John ,
Why does this seem to be a last minute type of problem?
I am not questioning the need or the desire for a neww 911 nut it seems that this is the first the public has heard that this is a critical situation,
Has the city seen the report of late 911 calls?
Can that report be made public?
Our own 911 will help the police not only with calls but keeping track of where our patrol cars are , but will it have a delay impact on fire 911?
So how did this raise its ugly head and did Robert's comments reflect those of the council?
Just seems we need more info other than Roberts play on TV