Friday, June 11, 2010

City of Dunwoody starts to explore impact fees on future development.

The City is evaluating the merits of initiating an Impact Fee Program as a means to address the effects of new developments and their associated infrastructure impacts on the City of Dunwoody. This Request for Proposals (RFP) asks consulting services providers to break down the cost assignments into five individual tasks with both task specific and a total project cost.

The objectives of this project are

1. To assess the following public facility categories for a City of Dunwoody Impact Fee Program:
  • Roads, Streets and Bridges;
  • Police, including Radio Transmission Facilities;
  • Fire, including Emergency Medical and Rescue Facilities (services currently are provided by DeKalb County;
  • Storm Water Management Facilities;
  • Parks, Open Space and Recreation Facilities; and
  • Libraries and related Civic Facilities.
2. To develop an impact fee program:
  • that is in compliance with Georgia law and State guidelines;
  • that is tailored to the unique needs of Dunwoody;
  • that can be readily understood by the public and local decision-makers; and
  • will fit seamlessly into the City’s administrative and accounting procedures.
This RFP process is specifically designed to complete an initial Impact Fee Assessment addressing each of the eligible public facility categories. The City may wish to proceed with the preparation of documents regarding the elements needed to put impact fees in place for those facilities that the Mayor & City Council determine to be feasible. If there is acceptance in moving forward towards the adoption of an impact fee program for the City of Dunwoody, the selected firm(s) will be requested to complete preparation of the first annual CIE update required by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

The RFP is structured such that Task 1, the Impact Fee Assessment is the only element of the RFP that will be authorized for completion. All other Tasks will require authorization by the City to proceed.
Dunwoody RFP Impact Fees

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