Friday, June 18, 2010

Dunwoody City Council - June 21 (Signs, Transportation Plan, Repaving Plan, Beer Tasting, Sidewalks)

Monday, June 21st
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
7:00 p.m. - Watch Live

Special Called Meeting Agenda


Joe Hirsch said...

“WHITES ONLY – COLOREDS FORBIDDEN IN DUNWOODY” will make a great headline if this version of codes for string lights is passed. Very confusing: residents could now have all colors of lights, but businesses can only have colored ones during “holidays” [including MLK day?]. Dumb. Dumb and dumb. Who is our official that decides which holidays our city will exclude? Seriously – before passing this tripe, I want to hear from each Council member the name of the Dunwoody employee who will be in charge of declaring which religions don't count. Ramadan starts in August and goes for 30 days… can a business have colored lights then? Whose logic/tastes dictates that white lights are ok, but colored ones are not? I’m sure, as the authors of this code, Council will of course expect enforcement of this asinine rule. I’d hate to see City Council waste more than a year of debating string lights then not even enforce what gets written into our codes. Since this isn’t a safety issue, this is a job for the fashion-police. And, shouldn’t we now consider charging residents homeowner’s association dues, rather than taxes? When will City Council decide what colors are ok for our trash cans? Let’s get rid of green ones. They are sooooo tacky.

Bob said...

For the record the DHA never thought of doing anything like this.
Now if we were Country Club of The South, we could restrict not only the color but the numbers of lights too.
Oh yeah we are a CITY of 42,000 people but let's worry about "holiday lights"
I think you should put together a list of Holidays and show them how stupid this is.

Joe Hirsch said...

Hey thanks Bob - I don't blame the DHA for this one. This nonsense has just dragged on too long. But Henneghan pointed out how silly this is at the last meeting when he noted that St. Patrick's Day needs to be included. Our city’s legal counsel didn't think "holiday" needs to be defined, so I sure hope July 7th, Chocolate Day, is also officially recognized.

Chip said...

The description and rules around "temporary signs" are also not well-thought out. Realtors' "open house, signs would require a permit??? What Realtor is going to run down to City Hall every time he/she has an open house to apply for a permit??? , "Happy Birthday" or "It's a Boy/Girl" with balloons on the mailbox are illegal. As written, these would have to be 10-15 ft. from the curb. So are signs saying "Congratulations Fauntleroy on Graduating" unless you get a permit

And I really don't get the intent of the white vs. multi-colored string lights, as mentioned by others. Why not write a section specifically regarding illumination for buildings, structures, and side-walk or patio businesses, and leave the whole "string light" issue out of it.

Maybe banning LED and LCD lighted signs in certain overlay districts makes sense, but along established commercial corridors it seems regressive.

This document still needs work!!!