Monday, June 7, 2010

Where's the good news in DeKalb? Hard to find these days.

DeKalb housing chief quits as feds continue probe

The executive director of the DeKalb County Housing Authority resigned this week as federal investigators continued to pore over the agency’s financial records.

DeKalb community blasts school board over oversight issues

"As board members, whether or not you believe you created this mess, you are responsible for turning this around," said Lynn Deutsch, a parent. "Right now, [among] both interested observers and the general public, the DeKalb County school system has no credibility."

DeKalb wants taxpayers to fund GM redevelopment

DeKalb County wants taxpayers to foot the bill to redevelop the sprawling GM plant in Doraville, a $36-million proposition.  A behind-the-scenes deal by the county, city and developer New Broad Street Companies calls for a tax increase to jump-start a makeover of the former factory into a complex of retail, offices and residences, according to documents reviewed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  (See H1-3, in today's BOC agenda.)

DeKalb: Dispatchers and ambulance crew violated policy

A DeKalb County investigation found three dispatchers and a Care ambulance crew violated policy, resulting in a teenage soccer player with a head injury waiting 22 minutes for an ambulance. DeKalb terminates ambulance contract.


Pattie Baker said...

Here's some good news: This morning, the DeKalb Board of Commissioners approved the special land use permit for the Fugee Family to build a school with a soccer field and community garden. What's more, the community garden will be built, with help from Turner Broadcasting volunteers, on 9/11. To find out more about the Fugees, read the excellent book, Outcasts United, or see my post here:

Kim Gokce said...

How about this, thanks in part to the Friends of Dunwoody Library we can now download audio books at:

DeKalb Co Libraries Overdrive Service

Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side ...