Saturday, August 7, 2010

AT&T U-Verse is making it's way through Dunwoody, GA.

Through a new agreement with AT&T*, The Barclay at Dunwoody is now bringing cutting-edge entertainment services – AT&T U-verse® TV, U-verse High Speed Internet and U-verse Voice – directly to residents, delivered to the apartment complex on an 100-percent Internet Protocol (IP)-based, all-fiber network.

This agreement with The Barclay at Dunwoody is part of AT&T Connected Communities® – a strategic marketing program between AT&T and regional or national single-family builders, developers, real estate investment trusts, apartment ownership and management groups, and home owners’ associations to provide next-generation communications and entertainment solutions to residents and homebuyers.

Located in Dunwoody, Ga., just minutes from I-285, I-85 and Georgia 400, The Barclay offers six floor plans and more than 200 one- and two-bedroom units with high-end amenities including stainless steel appliances, custom cherry wood cabinetry, ceramic tile flooring, private verandas and more.

In addition to AT&T U-verse services, residents will have access to a dedicated AT&T retail store serving The Barclay at Dunwoody. The AT&T Experience Store – located at 136 Perimeter Center West in Atlanta, just west of Perimeter Mall – offers a full suite of AT&T wireline and wireless products.

“I applaud the expansion of this innovative video choice in Dunwoody,” said Ken Wright, mayor, city of Dunwoody. ”These investments bring the potential to grow our economy and create new jobs in the area.”
Robin Johnson, community manager for the Barclay at Dunwoody, said: “Thanks to this agreement with AT&T, we’re able to offer the latest and greatest entertainment solutions directly to our residents, boosting the value of our property and making this an even more desirable place to live in Dunwoody.”

“AT&T is continuing our commitment to make the investments necessary to bring consumers in Georgia advanced video services,” said Sylvia Russell, president, AT&T Georgia. “We are thrilled we will be able to start offering this innovative video choice to residents at The Barclay.”

AT&T U-verse brings together your TV, broadband, digital home phone and wireless services — all on one bill — with unique features that provide a new level of integration, convenience and control. AT&T U-verse offers multiple combinations of TV, Internet and Voice packages to customize your experience.

U-verse TV customers can enjoy numerous benefits, including the ability to watch and manage recordings from a single DVR on any connected TV in the home with U-verse Total Home DVR; the ability to choose and watch up to four of your favorite channels at one time with the exclusive My Multiview app; an extensive High Definition (HD) channel lineup with access to 130 HD channels; the ability to program DVR recordings from their Web-connected mobile phone or PC; personalized, on-screen weather, sports, traffic and stock information via AT&T U-bar; and more.

With AT&T U-verse Voice, customers receive unmatched calling features that provide deeper integration across their bundle of services. For example, customers have a single, combined voice mailbox for convenient access to their AT&T U-verse Voice and AT&T wireless messages. They can also view their call logs on their PC or their TV screen, and initiate a call from their PC or TV.

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet offers faster available speeds. All U-verse Internet packages include wireless home or office networking at no extra cost, and customers receive a wireless access point with their installation, so The Barclay at Dunwoody residents will be able to connect Wi-Fi enabled devices, including smartphones, to their home broadband connection. Wi-Fi generally provides consistently fast speeds for accessing the mobile Internet on your smartphone. Information on available packages can be found online at:

For more information on The Barclay at Dunwoody, please visit:
More information on AT&T Connected Communities can be found at:


waterman said...

It would be nice if AT&T would offer UVerse on the east side of Tilly Mill. Hey, can Ken ask for that?

Bob Fiscella said...

There are still many areas of Dunwoody that cannot get UVerse.

themommy said...

I have to say (and not to make everyone who can't get it yet jealous), we love U-verse.

We had a terrible time with reliable high speed internet from both Comcast and Bell South. U-verse has been a real gift since we work from home many times.

It is slowly making its way across Dunwoody.

jm said...

We live inside the perimeter, and we've had UVerse for a while. We've had them all - Comcast sucked, you were either traveling at blazing fast speeds (yeah!) or at zero. Once we were at zero, when my wife was working from home and I was doing an online course. So we ditched Comcast. Bellsouth DSL was better, except when bad weather approached. Then the system would go down. Other people with DSL said they had no issues, but ours was always iffy. So when ATT bought Bell, the sales force was knocking soon after and we took them up on it.
Uverse is good, except for one thing (easily fixed) - they tried to make my desktop wireless - hooked up a little cheap wireless transmitter - that thing sucked. Wired everything up to a switch, and its been all good ever since, and cheaper.

Tasneem said...

I signed on for U-Verse and promptly cancelled the order two days later. The sales person who came to my door, while extremely nice and friendly, misquoted the prices so it was much more expensive than I had previously thought. U-Verse is by far the most expensive option once you get past the introductory period. Most residents do not need all the bells and whistles U-Verse has. After a lot of research and price comparison, I chose ClearWire and love it. I pay $50 a month for internet and phone and I've had no problems with speed or transmission. I live on the east side of Tilly Mill and both U-Verse and Clear Wire are available there.

Brian Anderson said...

I tried several times to sign up for U-Verse after learning that the salesman came calling on my street. I assumed that I wasn't home that day but later came to learn that he skipped my house because my address was not in the system. How could my address not be in the system? I live in the middle of my 9 home neighborhood, with our houses approaching 26 years old -- its not like were the new kids on the block. I called AT&T to inquire and they said it must have been an oversight on why my house was not included on the U-Verse eligible list. I pushed a little further and they said maybe I was too far from the box, and when I responded with the fact that my neighbors of either side of my are eligible, AT&T flip-flopped and said maybe I was too close. Are you serious? Can't they just own up to their omission and correct it? They assured me that a technician would come out to the box in my yard and conform that I am eligible and I would be contacted very shortly. That was 6 months ago! No thanks AT&T... I've moved on and no longer interested in your overpriced service.

Bewildered said...

We changed from Comcast to AT&T U-verse a couple of months ago and really are enjoying it! However, I like to watch the Dekalb BOE meetings on my TV (Dekalb's PDS-24). I can't seem to find this station anywhere on my TV! Has anyone else had this problem? If you were able to find it, please enlighten me as to which channel I need to be watching. Thanx

John Heneghan said...

I really enjoy the UVerse service and as soon as the video feed of city meetings is perfected, a push of Dunwoody TV to the web via public access channels is a possibility if it costs very, very little. Would you believe I almost went with Comcast just to see the DeKalb Commission and BOE Meetings because they are not currently available on other carriers, but sanity kicked in.

These meetings are available on line at and

It appears that I can get Cobb County Meetings, City of Covington, Gwinnett County and LaGrange on the UVerse system if I am ever interested.