Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chesnut Charter Elementary has a new Parent Website!

If you’re a Chesnut parent, you have a new, cool tool to use for keeping up-to-date with school goings-on.

The new website, , is a parent-run site, jointly managed by the PTA and Charter Council.  It’s designed to contain all the information parents need on a daily basis, including things like:

·         School news posted on the front page
  • ·         Carpool, Parking, and Dismissal policy changes
  • ·         Breaking news on how the school is handling the unexpected increase in kindergarten classes
  • ·         Menu, bus, and weather information
  • ·         Choices for school clubs, activities, and yearbook
  • · account management
The site also contains school-related technical information such as:
  • ·         Dekalb County annual school calendar
  • ·         Archived minutes from PTA and Charter Council meetings
  • ·         Contact list for Room Parents
  • ·         Online copy of the Charter Contract
  • ·         Teacher contacts, grading policy, attendance policy, dress code requirements
From the site, you can link directly to the volunteer management system, K12Ambit, used as a calendar of school events, finding volunteer opportunities at the school, tracking charter credit hours, and receiving regular weekly and one-off urgent email blasts from the school.   You can also make online donations with a credit card to the PTA’s and Charter Council’s charitable organizations – used to augment facilities, training, and cultural events above and beyond what’s provided by Dekalb County.  If you think the site is useful, sign up and Subscribe to receive once-a-day emails any time a news item is posted on the front page.

We hope you’ll use the website to stay involved in the life of the school!
Chesnut Charter Council and PTA

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Dunwoody Mom said...

It's a wonderful web site!!! They have done a marvelous job. I wish we had such a wonderful information tool when my children were students at Chesnut.