Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Copy of the Doraville GM package that DeKalb County Commission is going to vote on today.

I have obtained the DeKalb Board of Commissioners documents regarding the Doraville GM plant redevelopment whereby the developer would get a 35 million gift from the DeKalb County Tax Payers in exchange for promises of development at a later date.  The proposed development down the road is too small and too far away in exchange cash up front to build something now that isn't needed nor will generate extensive tax revenue.  I think I heard Elaine Boyer call it empty promises.
DeKalb GM Vote Info for Aug24


Anonymous said...

Per AJC on-line: "The county commission voted 5 to 2 Tuesday to kill the $54 million project, which calls for giving county money to a private developer New Broad Street."



themommy said...

What is the plan now for this property? Was there a plan B?

John Heneghan said...

This isn't dead yet.

Plan B is to invite the President of GM to meeting where he may or may not lower the price of the Doraville property, then find a way by hook or by crook to buy off several commissioners votes with limited infrastructure improvements in their districts.

Stay tuned.

John Heneghan said...

AJC - DeKalb commissioners reject stimulus bonds for all projects.