Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dunwoody High School Meeting to discuss Water Retention Pond - Tuesday Aug 31

Dunwoody High School SPLOST III Renovation & Addition

Community Meeting
Tuesday, August 31
Dunwoody High School Media Center

Topic: Dunwoody High School Retention Pond

Please join us for an informative meeting about the new retention pond at Dunwoody High School.

Claire Botsch
Dunwoody HS Design Team


John Heneghan said...

I was unable to personally attend this DHS meeting, but if I had I would recorded it as alluded to by Bob Fiscella in his Springfield in Dunwoody blog where he recaps the meeting.

FYI, Georgia is a one party recording state and in a public meeting where there is no expectation of privacy, recording is fully allowed by law. At today's DCPC meeting I brought my recorder and at the opening of the meeting they asked if anyone was going to record the meeting and I was the only one in the room ready to do so, except for maybe WSB-TV, and they then warned the audience of my existence but allowed me to record.

As the motto of my blog says, transparency in Government breeds self-corrective behavior.

Joe Hirsch said...

Along with Bob Fiscella's great recap of the meeting on his page, Rick posted mine on his blog (as a guest cub reporter for DTB)