Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dunwoody resident Kathie Chipman refinishes "A Few Good Pieces" of Vintage Furniture

Kathie Chipman, a long time resident of Dunwoody (I think she still holds a few swim records on the Dunwoody North pool house wall from her teenage years) who is now raising a family of her own; has officially turned her passion of furniture restoration and refinishing into a business.

In the last few years, Kathie has become a treasure hunter. She looks for great pieces of furniture that have been neglected or damaged. Then she carefully repairs, refinishes or reinvents the piece. You'll find plenty of pieces here on her blog that were rescued from the Goodwill, thrift stores, junk lots or even Craigslist. Kathie is also taking custom work, so if you have a special piece that needs a makeover, let her know!

Kathie's blog is used to document her projects along the way and she would love to have you stop to to take a look at what she has done. If your interested in contacting Kathie Chipman, drop her a note at and she will get back to you.


knitternall said...

I am the happy owner of a few of those "good pieces" and her work is delightful. (Her prices are very, very reasonable!)

Chip said...

Just to eliminate any possible confusion out there in the blogosphere, Kathy Chipman and Chipbagman are NOT in any way related.

Chip Bagman

themommy said...

Congrats Kathie on your business. Your work looks great!

kathie said...

Thank you so much, John!! You are so kind :)