Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dunwoody tidbits (Calendar, Sidewalks, SeeClickFix, Nov. Referendums)

Besides playing in a Water Volleyball Tournament at the neighborhood pool, I had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend with the family and hope you were able to do the same.  Here are a few items that have come across my desk that may be of interest.

Calendar Items

I spent a little time updating the Dunwoody events calendar now located at the top right corner of my blog and even invited a few friends to help keep it updated, so check it out.  If you are the PR person for a Dunwoody organization or group that would like to post their own items that are open to the public, please drop me a note.

A couple of calendar items of interest that I thought were noteworthy, the Peachtree Charter CV Classic 5K happening on Sat Oct 2nd to raise funds for a new track at the school will be run through the streets of the Dunwoody North neighborhood.  There will be some street closures and it may a good opportunity for a lemonade stand. :-)  PCMS Fall Festival follows the race.  On October 9th there will be a Brook Run Dog Festival and I just noticed that on the evening of Saturday October 23rd there will now be Fireworks in Brook Run Park as part of the Dunwoody Fall Festival.


I missed the sidewalk meeting due to school events but did see that the city updated sidewalk plan to include new maps of where the sidewalks will be laid within the next few weeks.  I was also told that the sidewalks will include a safety strip of grass between the street and the sidewalk.

2010 Sidewalk Map-Dunwoody Park

2010 Sidewalk Map-North Peachtree

2010 Sidewalk Map-Verdon


The City of Dunwoody has partnering with 3rd party provider, SeeClickFix.com in a pilot program to provide citizens & businesses with a method of reporting issues within the city. SeeClickFix.com is an online web application that allows any individual to report non-emergency issues such as graffiti, potholes or traffic safety issues on a map for everyone to see. Check out the City announcement.  I just put in a work order for a pothole that is adjacent to a manhole on Riverglenn Cir which is a main roadway near my home and did so in less than three minutes with no extensive registration. http://seeclickfix.com/dunwoody

November 2nd referendum items

About a week ago I posted an item regarding a City of Dunwoody referendum asking if you wanted to extend a tax exemption but there are a number of other Constitutional amendments and statewide referendums that will also be voted on in the November 2, 2010 General Election. The summaries of these items in their entirety, are available by clicking here.

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