Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dunwoody Village Master Plan Meeting

Another good meeting, much like Georgetown, here is the Dunwoody Village presentation.

Here is the opening statement of City Manager, Mr. Warren Hutmacher.

Here is the future planning website for the Village.


Bob said...

I want to applaud Warren and the letter he wrote regarding the Master Planning process that has just begun.
The Chicken Little cries of "no more development" do nothing but jade the process.
Claims of the fix being in and "pro development" bias are unfounded and come from a person who has never been involved in the zoning process anywhere in Dunwoody.
A master plan will determine what we want the Village to look like and become over the next 30 years.
To sit back and do nothing and believe what is on the ground now is perfect, is just plain dumb.

UC has done a tremendous job to date. Give them and the City a chance to finish before you start running around screaming the sky is falling.

Dunwoody Mom said...
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