Friday, December 10, 2010

Could the Dunwoody Post Office be saved by expanding the 30338 zip code?

Could we save the under utilized Dunwoody Post Office by giving it more work?  What if the residents of 30360 were able to vote to become part of 30338, do you think they would be interested?  We are exploring the idea and would like your feedback either here on the blog, in an e-mail or in person on Monday night.

Read the Full Proposal Here.


Gil said...

As a 30360 Dunwoody resident, this change is an excellent idea for 3 reasons:

1. Prospective home purchasers search by ZIP code too. I believe Dunwoody 30360 home prices are slightly lower due to the Doraville affiliation and perhaps misunderstanding.

2. I also believe that my auto insurance rates would be slightly lower in 30338 versus 30360 based on comparisons I've made in the past.

3. What can I say? 30338 has cachet! 30360? I would say no.

Let's rid Dunwoody of 30360.

DunwoodyTalk said...

I'm in the Five-O on the west side. I would not mind being in the three-eight, but then it requires two different mail routes (different sort centers) to handle our street.

Sara said...

As a 30360 resident, I'm with Gil!!

Lucifer Damien said...

Would it be possible for us to get a nice number like "30666"?

Scott said...

I am also a 30360 resident and and certainly agree with everything Gill stated above.

I am also tired of trying to remember what city each utility has my address in. Sometime its Doraville, sometimes is Atlanta.

Even having stuff shipped to my residence can be a pain because my address of Dunwoody, 30360 isn't in their particular system.

dunwoodydad said...

30338 home value has increased this past year, according to two popular sources.

This minor climb is expected to meet a correction (downward) in the next 24 months due to inventory, especially in surrounding areas.
One of these areas is 30360, which incurred a value loss this past year. Inventory is expected to rise in 30360, again, over the next 12 months.

Absorption of 30360, into 30338, would certainly serve 30360 well and flatten the losses, but would create an immediate loss of net gain for 30338 last year.

Based on current trend and potential inventory, an absorption would decrease the values in 30338 by 0-15% immediately, depending on proximity to 30360. With the speculation of further correction to the market, it would immediately effect my home value - based on the indicators and perception.

I live in 30338, distal of 30360.
I vote no.

AprilHunt said...

Hi all,

I'm a reporter working on a story about this issue.

I'd love for any of the above commenters or anyone else interested in the topic to get in touch with me.

I'm at 404-526-7740 or

April Hunt
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

If we keep separate zip codes, we'll eventually have some areas of Dunwoody "more equal than others", to use an Orwellian comparison. Some folks considering this issue may think it's a good idea to preserve their property values, but downstream it will cause more conflict and problems than it will solve. That "property protection" from your own fellow citizens will bite you in the backside more than any property value change will.

Be careful what you wish for.

Gil said...

I admit that a potential property value decrease for some did cross my mind, but given that real estate is an inefficient market and many factors affect price, I would place money on the ZIP code consolidation having a positive effect on 30360 home values and a neutral effect on other Dunwoody ZIPs. Why? Well those not in 30360 are subsidizing me now (hey, thanks! I really appreciate it!). In fact, that's why I bought the lowest cost option in the nicest area around, because basic economics make it work in my favor. You pay more taxes than I, but we both get equal value of government services (sweet, for me that is!). Consolidation to 30338 will cost me a bit more in terms of property value because others will be subsidizing me less. In the end, it'll pull 30360 up without pulling 30338 down. Long term, it's a great thing for the city, and I'm footing the bill this time.