Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dunwoody Budget, Pattie Baker & the Brook Run Garden, Property Tax Comparisons, Fran Millar, Anthony Delgado & Kasim Reed

The City of Dunwoody just released the very impressive, final 2011 budget book for the city. Even though I know the budget numbers and the great work the city has done in the first two years, it is the City's Mission, Vision and Values that moves me every time I read them. Check them out.  Pdf version here.

Pattie Baker was spotlighted in an AJC article regarding the impact that she has had the City's Sustainable practices, the creation of the Dunwoody Community Garden as well as the impact that the garden has had on the lives of so many people. In a related article, Dunwoody Patch quotes a number of concerns that I heard from residents as well as Pattie that the Dunwoody Community Garden would be forced to move once the master plan for Brook Run was completed. Though I fell behind in replying to e-mails over the holiday due to both the flu and festivities, this is what I wrote to council regarding my thoughts on the Garden. "Months ago I went on the record of stating that the garden should not move and I stand by my previous comment. I was assured that what was discussed at the Brook Run planning meeting was going to be blended in with all of the other interviews and focus groups. If the garden is in the final plan to be moved, I won’t be approving it unless through public hearings and other correspondence the opinion I have now of what the community wants, changes my opinion."

Dave Bearse over at the Dorablog did a nice three part segment on various cities property tax comparisons when looking at the millage rate as well as the amount of Homestead Exemption and then other city fees for things like sanitation, storm water, street lights and franchise fees. No matter what city or unincorporated area you live in, all DeKalb residents are affected by our bond rating being downgraded because now borrowing this $36 million will cost more, therefore expect more water rate increases to do the upgrades they intend to do because of "cost overruns".

Fran Millar gives a preview of What to Expect in the State Legislature and states we can’t ignore the HOPE crisis any longer

A reader e-mailed stating that he wanted to make a modest donation to help Anthony Delgado with his efforts for feeding the homeless, but didn't know how to do so. Tax Deductible Donations can be sent to Anthony via his website, http://www.mybrothers-keepers.org and there is a nice video clip here if you want to see what Anthony does 7 days per week.

Finally I thought this was worth sharing, NY Times Op-ed columnist Thomas Friedman singled out Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed as a new breed of leader for the tough decisions that Mayor Reed has made to attempt to lead the City of Atlanta into solvency.

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