Friday, December 10, 2010

Dunwoody dicusses Alcohol, pervious surfaces / back yard vehicles, sunset provisions of nonconforming signs and an IGA for sanitation.

Monday night there are 26 items on the agenda and I am guessing there may be an executive session as well therefore it will be a long night.  Besides the Zip Code item that I am posting separately, I figured I would post the most contentious and/or interesting items for your reading pleasure.

Several items are coming back a second time because the council (and various citizens) weren't happy with the language in previous versions of the proposed changes.   Allowing alcohol closer to the residential neighborhoods is being proposed under a Special Land Use Permit and the definition of the word paved is also returning to us to allow the use of pervious materials, which will then allow all residential zones to have bigger houses and structures. The issue on this item revolved around cars being parked on the property and this document mentions that a future text amendment on the item may be needed, so I thought I would bring it up.

Now that the Dunwoody Sign Ordinance is in place, Council wanted research on sunsetting the use of non-conforming signs and staff has returned with information.

Finally the last item is a one year extension of the current IGA for DeKalb County to continue providing Sanitation Services at the same price.

Feel free to give feedback on these items.



Dunwoody Dad said...

So we are considering allowing alcohol selling establishments to open closer to residential neighborhoods, but we will not allow Chick-Fil-A (who gives great support to our schools)to open accross the street from a neighborhood?

dunwoodydad said...

Happy to see that council managed to throw out that change of definition to the word "pervious", not to mention the science behind it.

Can't wait to see what the Agenda has in store for us this upcoming year.

Merry Christmas.