Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gifts for the Earth - a free family event this Saturday at the Dunwoody Nature Center from 10 to Noon.


Thank you for inquiring about the Gifts for the Earth event at the Dunwoody Nature Center. Here is the history behind it. For more than a year, I had been wanting to give a gift to the new City of Dunwoody. When I learned of the "Gifts for the Earth" event and that it would cost money for each child who wanted to participate, I decided this was the gifting opportunity I had been searching for. Earlier this year, I made a donation to the Dunwoody Nature Center from my family's Foundation (The Gendell Family Foundation) in honor of my mother. Brian and I tripled that donation with a gift of our own for the "Gifts to the Earth" event so that families could make "gifts to the Earth" for free. Nature is very important to us. Brian and I are both avid birders and have several busy bird feeders in our back yard. We wanted to share the joy of birds and nature with the children in our community. It is our pleasure to give this gift to the citizens of Dunwoody.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our story.

Adrian and Brian Bonser

Gifts for the Earth
Saturday, December 4
10 am - Noon
A Family Program Sponsored by Adrian and Brian Bonser and the Gendell Family Foundation
Turnabout is fair play: make something special for the earth that gives us so much. Create natural animal feeders and other gifts for the creatures who call Dunwoody home. Make one for Dunwoody Park and take one home to share with people you love.  Walk the trails, explore the wetlands along our boardwalk, and enjoy the fall foliage from our treehouse learning pavilion.

This FREE family program is sponsored by Adrian and Brian Bonser and the Gendell Family Foundation. Marion Gendell and her late husband, Gerald Gendell, established the foundation to make philanthropic contributions supporting Jewish organizations, the arts, education and medical research.  Their daughter, Adrian Bonser, continues the family’s support of education, including the environmental education programs of Dunwoody Nature Center.  Councilwoman Bonser and her husband Brian chose to sponsor Gifts for the Earth because they believe in the mission of the Center and wanted to make a gift to the City of Dunwoody. As a result, there is no charge for participating in this fun family event.

Dunwoody Nature Center is located on the grounds of Dunwoody Park.
5343 Roberts Drive, Dunwoody

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GaryRayBetz said...

Very nice to read about wonderful people giving back to the community like this.

Thanks for posting this, John.