Wednesday, February 2, 2011

DeKalb County Budget Meeting to discuss 2.32 mil tax increase - Tues Feb 15th at Montgomery Elem

Budget Meeting Announcement

Tuesday, February 15th—7:00 PM until 8:30 PM
Montgomery Elementary School
3995 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30319
Hosted by: Commissioner Boyer & Commissioner Gannon

Read the Proposed 2011 Budget - increase of 2.32 mils

Listen to CEO Burrell Ellis

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Dunwoody said...

Not no, but HELL NO.

Under the Necessary Appropriation we have a few items we can cut.

1 Pension Fund Increase. Lets face it the pension will not get fully funded and we should stop putting good money into it. STOP THIS NOW AND DEAL WITH THE UNION.

2. Holiday PAY. NO. They work for the county and they should be paid that way. CUT CUT CUT

3. Redeployment of Police Officers. The last thing needed is more cops who thing we own them something (like a pay increase). Take half the cars away and make them walk. The cops will get to know the citizens and maybe the cops will make some friends in the community.

4. Staffing for New Facilities. If anything we need to be closing facilities and have extra staff on hand (so you have more people we can let go)

If the tax base dropped X% then spending needs to drop the same. And because we have less people living in the county we can operate with less staff and overhead. It looks like you want the same size government or larger when you have less people and businesses to governor.

Bob Lundsten said...

This meeting is being held by the Commissioners and NOT CEO Ellis.
Maybe my PC is funky but the announcement seems to be on CEO stationary.
These meeting are being hosted by the Commissioners, the CEO will not be present
Commissioner Boyer voted against EVERY tax over the last three years and is seeking your input and comments on the CEO'sproposed budget.
Bob Lundsten
Chief of Staff
District 1 DeKalb County
Commissioner Elaine Boyer

John Heneghan said...

Bob, the budget with an increase of 2.32 mils comes from the CEO's office and I clipped the letterhead at the top of the budget to show who is responsible. I used the District One meeting announcement and clearly state that it is the commissioners meeting therefore I don't see the need to change the graphic.

You will note that I linked Elaine's name to the youtube video of her requesting that the DeKalb Police Budget be walled off from the other DeKalb revenue streams. I for one like that idea and let me tell you why.

Many years ago Manny Maloof walled off the sanitation revenue stream so that it couldn't be raided for political needs and because of that it is DeKalb's shining star of efficiency. Imagine if the police had the same steady revenue stream and were operated within budget, run as a business and headed by a professional that wasn't tied to the CEO's apron strings for funding. Kudo's Elaine.

Bob Lundsten said...

Ah John you are so creative. Giving Rick a run for his money