Thursday, February 17, 2011

Traffic Safety in Dunwoody by Chief Billy Grogan

Grogan's Corner
If you have traveled at all in Dunwoody, you have seen the traffic congestion on many of the roads. Unfortunately, when the roads get congested like this, driver behaviors change. They become careless, distracted, in a hurry and inattentive. These behaviors are not safe for the traveling public.

Instead, these behaviors put other drivers and pedestrians at risk. Our department receives complaints weekly about driver’s speeding, running stop signs, running red lights, cutting through neighborhoods, driving recklessly and the list could go on and on. We take each complaint serious and try and be proactive in our enforcement efforts.

Our goal in writing citations is not to generate revenue. Our goal is to change driver behavior and make the roads in Dunwoody safer for everyone. This is a difficult task given the number of traffic complaints we receive, the volume of traffic and the amount of time we are able to allot for traffic enforcement.

As a result, we have tried other measures to improve driver behavior. Radar signs were installed in our school zones and we deployed a mobile speed trailer as well. The speed trailer had to be replaced due to some mechanical issues. However, we now have it up and running. Of course, we also issue citations and warnings. I was told a long time ago that 50% of the people will think you are doing too much traffic enforcement and 50% will think you are not doing enough. This has certainly proven to be true.

In short, it will take all of us working together to make our roads safer. The police department will work diligently to change driver behaviors. At the same time, the driving public can leave for their appointments earlier, have some patience and treat others in traffic like they want to be treated.


kbg said...

I think you're doing a great job. At one point, I heard discussion of traffic circles at several interesections, including Jett Ferry/Dunwoody Club and Vermack/Womack. I don't know much about traffic control, and there may be better options, but the traffic circles sound to me like they might work.

Unknown said...

It does take communities and law enforcement working together to make our streets a safer place. Ultimately, that's what we all want.