Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Customer Contact and Home Occupations will be discussed at Thursday's Dunwoody Community Council.

 Home Occupation Rules Proposed to Change.

Thursday Night at 7 PM, the Dunwoody Community Council will be reviewing two preliminary zoning items of interest to the community.

The first involves allowing customer contact home occupations in residences specifically zoned R-100, single family.  This item came to light because of the local Violin teacher who wanted to work from her home and went though the tedious process to make it happen.  Council recognized the DeKalb ordinance did not fit for the new City of Dunwoody and is now going through the first stage of review.  I have attached the document being reviewed Thursday and can see questions being raised regarding only changing this in the R-100 zoning as the violin teacher was in R-50.  I live on a nice sized lot in R-85 and don't understand why my property would need to be excluded and I'm guessing that the member of the Community Council who also lives in R-85 will be asking that same question?  There also seems to be special added exceptions being proposed for home occupations for educational purposes where classes could be conducted outside yet all other occupations, other than child day care, requires it to be completely indoors; therefore I will be interested in hearing the discussions on that as well.

The second item is an amendment to the land development ordinance text that would allow legally platted lots fronting private streets to be further subdivided -pursuant to existing established procedure- while also allowing existing subdivisions that have only private street frontage to be recognized as lawful and conforming. This is an item that I was unaware of but am interested in learning more and seeing how it would affect Dunwoody's future land use. Here is the document for Thursday and a copy of the Zoning map if you need it for this item or the one before.

PS: please help me welcome Ms. Adrienne Duncan to the Dunwoody blogosphere with her "Dunwoody Working Girl" blog which she uses to discuss what ever is on her mind and lately it has been Dunwoody related.  Adrienne's company SDOC Publishing, Internet Solutions has been in operation for over ten years and she is the driving force behind the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce website.


SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Thanx for the shout-out, John. While I'm glad that this ordinance is getting reviewed and reconsidered, I'm still concerned by the fact that our ordinances (especially zoning) are a reactive, piecemeal process. I think I have an idea that may make things smoother for the future as things change.

After I move a few mountains off my desk and meet some deadlines I'll compose something on it.

Hopefully I'll see you on Thursday.

GaryRayBetz said...

As the greatest guitarist, Jimi Hendix, in the history of humankind once remarked, "Music is my religion.", I would suggest that this accomplished violin teacher continue to work from her house and if deterred by the City of Dunwoody, consequentially claim that her right to assemble and pray in her own home was being obstructed.