Monday, September 12, 2011

Dunwoody Crier E-Edition is easy reading on line.

I read a lot of news on-line and am really enjoying the new Crier E-Edition where I can see the entire page including all the ads and classified.  Check it out September 7th edition.  Kudos Mr. Williams !!


Aleister Crowley said...

Really? The Dunwoody Crier is now available as an E-Edition? Well, as you Americans are wont to say "Jumping Jiminy Cricket"!

Come on! Isn't this bit as if reporting the trite twitted teen novel "Twilight" can now be accessed via a Kindle, or that the Rupert Murdoch's biased FoxNews tabloid TV network can now be viewed in High-Definition?

Enhanced technology doesn't make its cretinous, uninformed, and partisan content any less contemptible.

Site Admin said...


Who knew the Dunwoody Fan Magazine was so (un)popular?

For many a year, perhaps too many, the Crier was the only rag in town and it should be no surprise that the lack of competition was not beneficial to the product. Also, it has always been ad supported which greatly influences editorial direction away from insightful, investigative or controversial topics. Except bashing the evil overlords of DeKalb County, but that resonates well with the established constituency.

Now there is competition, and to their credit the Crier isn't taking it lying down. There have been rumors of strong arm tactics with some advertisers to beat back "the outsiders" and Cathy Cobb's long goodbye ended with "keep your dollars local, don't buy from our competition". They have put some effort into upgrading production quality, seem to have found equal time too burdensome, eliminating the politicians' soapbox and have maintained sports coverage. After all, who doesn't like sports, eh?

And yes, their previous web efforts were appallingly childish, or worse, so noting that this site now actually looks like it is from the late 90's is somehow appropriate. Will it be a meaningful change or just a "me too" effort? Who knows, but when journalists are long in the tooth they seem reluctant to embrace new technologies. Look at how long it took the AJC to catch up with peer newspapers in other cities. The Crier is way behind the curve and isn't about to leap-frog anyone.

John Heneghan said...

I received a nice note from Mr. Steve Levene the publisher of the Reporter Newspapers informing me that they also had an e-edition located at

Great way to see the news, check it out.