Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dunwoody Police welcomes five new Chaplains.

In 2010, the Dunwoody Police Department hosted a meeting of local ministers, priests and rabbis to gauge the interest of starting a police chaplain program.  As a whole, the group thought the idea had merit and several attendees expressed interest in participating.

The task of managing the Dunwoody Police Chaplain program rests on the shoulders of Sergeant Mike Carlson.  Sergeant Carlson spent the remainder of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 organizing, designing and advertising the program.

Chaplains of all faiths work with our department personnel on a professional level by making themselves immediately available as trained and caring professionals who can assist in times of loss, confusion, depression, or grief to people in crisis situations.  Our Chaplains provide this service not only to the community, but also to all department employees and their families as well.

We now officially have 5 Dunwoody Police Chaplains.  They are:

Pastor Brian Campbell                 Calvary Assembly of God

Reverend Ray Egan                      Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta

Pastor Jim Reiter                          The Village Church of Dunwoody

Reverend Peter Urdanick            First Baptist Church Atlanta

Reverend Jason Whitener           St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church

Rabbi Mark Zimmerman              Congregation Beth Shalom

Our Chaplains, of different faiths, have been riding out and getting to know our staff and our community.  I really appreciate their willingness to not only serve their community, but to serve our staff and their families as well.  The service they provide when called upon is priceless.

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