Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dunwoody warns candidates on political signs and provides guidelines for placement.

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Lindsay said...

A few of the parents at my sons' school saw one of the candidates himself placing a sign on private property without permission of the property owner. Hmmm. If they don't understand the sign ordinance perhaps they should not be running for office just yet.

Colleen O'Casey said...

Hmm, sounds like idle gossip to me. How did these upstanding parents know the candidate did not have the permission of the homeowner?

If one thinks that being a rumors babbler is merely an innocent activity, then read Lillian Hellman's play "The Children's Hour" for a lesson in how it destroys lives.

Jeez, this petty town! Sometimes I think that Dunwoody is populated with nothing but entitled cheerleaders and frat boys that never grew up. At least back in Boston when we discussed politics the debates had substance!

VoteYesForGreenSpace said...

In reading the full document the city manager said he received complaints. Where have these complainers been while 'Dunwoody Singles', and 'Huntington Learning Center' and others have littered our streets weekly, for years, with signs? The city gets tough on those running for office yet allow others to continue to put signs everwhere?

Kcaj said...

John or Warren- As Dunwoody has no/little code enforcement, can residents remove mis-set signs?

These political mushrooms are popping up along many non-residential or non-maintained lots such as power lines and the Sandy Springs side of DClub Drive

One man's advert, another man's litter.

Anon said...

We do have code enforcement. Roberts rd is littered with illegal signs. I hope code enforcement will be out on Monday. Do we need to file an official complaint?

John Heneghan said...

VoteYesForGreenSpace, actually according to the memo the city is pretty lenient on the political signs whereby complaints sent to the city will be forwarded to the campaign to correct and then if not corrected the sign will be pulled and held at City Hall for retrieval (and reposting). The city does do sign sweeps for the other nuisance signs in the right of way and probably tosses those vs calling the company.

Here are my suggestions regarding signs.

1. Please feel free to remove any sign on your personal property or any sign from the Heneghan campaign.

2. Please contact Mr. Tom LaPenna our Code Enforcement Officer at 678-382-6807 to notify the City of misplaced signs, which will then allow the city procedures to take over. Feel free to mention all signs that you believe are in violation, not just political. If you don't like it, call it in.

3. Please do not remove any political signs (except the Heneghan campaign signs as expressly allowed by me), from anywhere, as there is chance that you will be charged with theft.


Busymom said...

Thank you, John, for clarifying that it is illegal for anyone besides City Code Enforcement officers to remove signs. I had a right to display a candidate's sign on my property, which is on Mt. Vernon Rd - actually, the sign was attached TO my fence - yet, within 2 hours of it being placed out there, someone had stolen it. Just as people need to know the rules about proper placement of signs, it is just as important that people know that it is against the law to remove signs on their own (unless they are on their own property).

GaryRayBetz said...

John, I have a plethora of "John Heneghan - Dunwoody City Council District 3 at Large" magnetic bumper stickers plastered all over the door of my garage-kept Guinness Stout ice box, and every time I approach that fridge to grab a bottle, I note your signs and reflect upon those days of thoughtful proletarian rhetoric, but mostly bombast, when my Dad would take me down to our corner bar, "Ralph & Maria's".

Ah, the Chicago neighborhood tavern! For years a hotbed of grass-roots politics, but now becoming more so just an antediluvian curiosity of that great town.

DunwoodyPhD. said...

GaryRayBetz / Aka: NellieWoodson - I`m sure any politician in Dunwoody would enjoy your vote in the ballot box, but not too sure they would appreciate your public support should they consider your real identity.

Remember, "Dunwoody Now" is not thought of favorably as it once might have been...

John Heneghan said...

Cheers, Gary Betz.

Thanks for the support.

GaryRayBetz said...

For the last time, I am NOT DunwoodyPhd or NellieWoodon!!! All one has to do is run a widely accessible source code script on the Internet and one will see that these names do not originate from the same IP address or ISP, namely mine! These scripts are fairly comprehensive and one would have to be have more than a PHD to have the capability to mask their origins.

I may be a "narcissistic hyena" as my youngest daughter references me
and adhere to the adage by Lord Beaverbrook, "I'd rather be damn'd than ignored.", but trust me, I am not so needy as to be having to hire stringers like Dunwoody PHD or NellieWoodon to publicly impugn me - there are enough persons out there that express their enmity towards me without charging me a dime.

This why I am always hesitant to access blogs as I always log in under my own name and thus subject myself and family to the assumptions and bizarre agendas of knuckleheads. I shall now have to cease commenting evermore.

John, you selflessly provide a great great service for the community, and please continue, Sir. And thank-you for allowing all my previous posts.