Thursday, September 22, 2011

Meet the Candidates: Robert Wittenstein, Post 1, District 4 Incumbent by Dunwoody Patch

Dunwoody Patch published a Meet the Candidates profile on Robert Wittenstein, the Incumbent in the District One, City Council election.  Since I did this previously for another race, I have again copied the text verbatim below.  I take it for granted that the other two candidates for District 1 will be following soon. Reminder - everyone in the City will have the opportunity to vote in this election.

Robert Wittenstein
: 53
Neighborhood: Verdon Forest
Position Sought: District 1, Post 4, City Council

Current Job/Company: Senior Vice President, Alere Health and Councilmember, City of Dunwoody

Education: BA, Political Science with a concentration in Urban Planning and Public Policy Administration

How long have you lived in Dunwoody: 22 Years

Community organizations: Temple Emanu-El, Citizens for Dunwoody, American Red Cross, Dunwoody Nature Center, Friends of the Dunwoody Library, Spruill Center for the Arts, Dunwoody Chamblee Parent’s Council, Dunwoody Homeowners Association, Anti Defamation League, Community Action Center, Dunwoody Seniors Baseball.

Your platform: It has been a great three years for Dunwoody and I am deeply moved to have been a part of it. I am proud of our accomplishments.  As a fiscal conservative and a strong advocate of small and transparent government, my common theme over the last three years has been: Provide city services such as police, road maintenance and parks as efficiently as possible and take a “less-is-more”, conservative approach to government. I will continue to champion a policy of living within our means and avoiding tax increases.

Other than the people, what is the best part of Dunwoody:  The best part of Dunwoody is our volunteers and organizations. Our churches, synagogues and community organizations are what provide the enrichment and the sense of place that make Dunwoody “Home” and impact our lives in so many ways. This is where the real work of cityhood is done, not in the offices of City Hall. Sure, we need to provide for public safety, parks and roads but I realize that the government is not what makes Dunwoody special. What makes Dunwoody an extraordinary place to live is our community organizations.

What are the two biggest issues facing Dunwoody:  Zoning and economic development. We have been using DeKalb’s zoning map and zoning classifications since incorporation. It is time for Dunwoody to decide how it wants to manage development to support the Comprehensive Plan and the Master Plans for Dunwoody Village and Georgetown. As the economy improves we will need to work to attract high-end businesses to help revitalize the PCID and other commercial areas.

What is something people may not know about you?   I’m a bicyclist and a gardener. On Saturday mornings when the weather is nice I can often be seen riding around Dunwoody. On most Sundays you will find me at Garden Isaiah growing food for the Community Action Center.

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Colleen O'Casey said...

Yep, you have my vote for sure Robert Wittenstein. You did a great job in your first term. You didn't buckle in when you were doing what was best for all of Dunwoody.

Go get 'em Witty!