Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Video of the September 26th Dunwoody City Council Meeting

No surprises this evening, everything passed with little or no changes.  The park purchase transparency item was changed whereby all pieces of property over $500,000 will be required to have two appraisals.   I voted against the private streets issue mainly out of principal because this document, a map of all the private streets wasn't part of our packet.

Finally I learned that if the Lessor of the Donaldson cemetery passes away, he only has 72 hours to notify the City in writing that he wants to be buried on the land that he actually owns.  My hope is that he will never have to implement that stipulation in the contract.


Bob Lundsten said...

While I appreciate the changing of the parks prcedures to 2 for any property over $500K, why not just do it for all? $500K is a bucket of money and seems to be an arbitrary base line.
What is the harm to require it across the Board and what are the benefits to only require 1
Should not the independent appraisals be done BEFORE we beging to discuss an offer with any property owner?

Joe Hirsch said...

Our City Manager had said the flubbed bidding process for Public Works was not substantive, yet the rebidding resulted in a new firm being awarded the contract. Interesting. And so with a new contract going to Lowe, does this affect Michael Smiths's job? Are department heads part of the firms hired?

NellieWoodson said...
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NellieWoodson said...

On November 8th, the citizens of Dunwoody will need to decide whether we want to be a city whose current voting populace will be the caring custodians of our children's future and that these same children, upon becoming adults, will find our town to be the same Canaan that we did, and journey back here to allow us to share in raising our grandchildren, by approving the necessary bonds to finance purchasing green space and developing and improving parks, or if we want to be overly parsimonious people with a short-sighted Tea Party type mentality and quash this most auspicious opportunity for our community.

Please vote to support our parks and our children's future in Dunwoody on November 8th!

Chip said...

I suggest that Warren is trying to "sugarcoat" the whole affair. The City's behavior toward Lowes and Patterson,Lee,and Kelly almost rose to the level of "cronyism".

This is another "black mark" against Warren that doesn't seem to stick.

Hopefully, the new Mayor will be more attentive and hold Warren to a higher-level of accountability that the current Mayor.

The most recent discussion about the $39,000 sign development project indicates the somewhat dismissive attitude that City Staff has toward the Council.

Should be interesting to watch after Dec 1.