Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Today is an election day so go vote.


Susan said...

Is there anything on the ballot other than the presidential primary?

Hire_A_Veteran said...

Well at least this year Republicans have candidates that are more indicative of their base -

One candidate thinks that he earned his money by inheriting millions from his Daddy - being born on third base he thinks he hit a triple, another believes in economic anarchy, another wants to save our public schools money by eliminating the janitorial staff and have it taken over by African-American students, and still another is an apologist for predatory priests and has a pre-Nineteenth Amendment view of women's rights, but only one of them (Paul) served in the US military.

Yes, the GOP should be very proud how they have candidates that reflect their base!

GaryRayBetz said...

Just voted. Very disappointed to see that I couldn't write my name in on the DeKalb County Sunday Alcohol Sales referendum.

Daughter of the Poet said...

Progress Does Not Always Come Easy

As a legislator in my state
I drew up my first law to say
that citizens could never vote again
after they had passed away.

My fellow members faced the troubling issue
bravely, locked in hard debate
on whether, after someone’s death had come,
three years should be adequate

to let the family, recollecting him,
determine how a loved one may
have cast a vote if he had only lived
to see the later voting day.

My own neighbors warned me I had gone
too far in changing what we’d always done.
I lost the next campaign, and failed to carry
a single precinct with a cemetery.

Jimmy Carter

GaryRayBetz said...

"Men must endure their going hence, even as their coming hither; Ripeness is all..."

Shakespeare's "King Lear"

That said, I shan't tarry, as the change to Daylight Savings Time
occurs this Sunday morning and I shall spring forward, not to seek
amusement but to retrieve a bit of honor and have someone say at the
end of the day, that I was of some assistance by reminding you all...

DST starts on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at 2:00 AM local Standard Time

Hire_A_Veteran said...

Outrage as Republican Governor Chris Christie calls former Navy SEAL an 'idiot'.

Of course this is how Republicans treat veterans.

GaryRayBetz said...

Hey Newt, newsflash - Super Tuesday is long over! How about coming down to Dunwoody and retrieving all your "Newt 2012" signs that are adulterating our neighborhood roadsides? And don't be sending your long suffering wife, Calista, as the exercise will do your fat ass some good.