Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Unincorporated islands between Dunwoody and Doraville proposed to be annexed by Doraville

On Monday March 19th at the DeKalb Delegation Meeting, Rep Elena Parent discussed issues related to some citizen opposition of several small islands of unincorporated DeKalb County that are proposed to be annexed by the City of Doraville. The issue being raised by these citizens has to do with the ongoing code enforcement problems related to an Islamic Mosque that is currently being handled by DeKalb County whereby those opposed to the annexation do not believe that the City of Doraville will adequately handle the ongoing enforcement of the issue.

If SB532 is approved in the legislature this year, Doraville will take over two separate islands of unincorporated land. The first starts at the Dunwoody border on Tilly Mill at the creek just north of PIB whereby the Texaco and that entire intersection will then be under the control of Doraville (now they only have the liquor store / gas station on the east side up to the dry cleaners near Stonington). Doraville will also take over the unincorporated Ridgeway Drive neighborhood to match up with the Carver Circle neighborhood which is already within the City of Doraville. The city line would then cross over PIB and Doraville would control the Adult entertainment establishment “The Oasis”, the Friday’s Plaza and the neighborhood behind the Home Depot where the Mosque is located. The second area proposed to be annexed is an industrial area with apartments South of PIB at Winters Chapel (near QuickTrip).

The unincorporated islands are definitely a police problem and if this legislation is approved it should be beneficial to the residents of the City of Dunwoody whereby the two city departments could partner in uniform enforcement and provide mutual aid to one another.

I wish we were able to clean up the City boundary lines whereby the City of Dunwoody would on this side of PIB and Doraville could be on the other but I guess that would just make too much sense?

The attached video was not purposely cut short on the last speaker, YouTube just has a 15 min limit.


GaryRayBetz said...

Would it be possible for me as a private citizen to annex the liquor store next to the Shell station?

Otherwise, I think with my boundless and profligate patronage of this establishment I should have some sort of say in its destiny.

Bob Lundsten said...

there have only been 2 people to speak out against the annexation.
They both appear to bemore cncerned about national security than city boundries or code enforcement

TwoDogsTrucking said...

Maybe it's because none knows about this. And I think the citizens are making a statement about there perferred police services but as usual the politicians aren't listening to guys who actually live in the neighborhood. I've read alot of information that the City of Doraville is struggling financially and possibly laying off employees and I'm wondering if that it true why is it a good idea to have them take on 8,000 to 10,000 more residents?

Anonymous said...

Doraville also takes on quite a nice commercial tax base with the annexation. There is no way to easily break down cost and revenue, as the areas are so granular any such study would be an estimate.

Factually, there are only several hundred residents involved

Removing these islands eliminates a poor policy issue caused by both the Dunwoody, and more recently, Peachtree Corners incorporations.

In my opinion, the two gentlemen 'speaking out' on this issue are prime examples of how not to advocate a position. As well, my opinion is their points of view are outside of the issue at hand, and their approach is spooky.

The commercial value and safety of Dunwoody's eastern boundary is compromised because these 'islands' create a 'law-free' zone that is difficult for DeKalb to enforce.

The area continues to deteriorate with poor quality of new businesses, as gang tags and crime increase.

I support Reps. Elena Parent, Tom Taylor and Sen. Fran Millar effort to resolve this governance policy issue.

TwoDogsTrucking said...

A large portion of the commercial base along PIB, Winters Chapel and Bankers Ind area is either vacant or under utilized. I see a future of industrial wharehousing. I don't know the exact number of residents but with the numerous large apartment complexes I surmise the population is easily in the thousands. I would like to know if the residents of Northwoods or other residential neighborhoods welcome this addition to their Doraville.
In my opinion the two gentlemen are not "spooky". They were the only citizen voices at this hearing or meeting and they were opposed to the apparent wishes of the politicians. I still believe the gentlemen's issue is who they want delivering their serivices and I don't see that as outside of the issue.
The poor policy was allowing Dunwoody to incorporate while leaving the islands; Peachtree Corners is not a factor. Also the "commercial value and safety" is not compromised because of the islands and there are not "law free" or service free areas. I would like to point out that the apartments now in Dunwoody never had a meth manufacturing house until they became the city's responsibility. I would also point out the unincoporated and for that matter the area in general is not covered with "gang tags" and crime has actually decreased.
I don't support this effort. It's another government solution looking for a problem. Just my two cents.