Saturday, June 16, 2012

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is here in Dunwoody.

500 new jobs to Dunwoody.

Gov. Nathan Deal announced that the state’s largest insurance company, State Farm Insurance, is bringing 500 new jobs to Dunwoody. The new jobs will be located at the recently leased Atlanta Perimeter Operations Center located at 64 Perimeter Center East near Perimeter Mall.

“State Farm’s decision to locate their new facility here makes a compelling statement about our state’s competitive business environment,” said Deal. “In Georgia, State Farm will find a progressive business infrastructure, along with a highly skilled workforce, that will allow for continued success when it comes to providing the highest levels of customer service to their policyholders.”

The office is expected to open for business later this year. While some existing State Farm employees will work at the new facility – it will be staffed by predominantly new hires. The new facility will help the company provide sales, service and claims capabilities to better serve their customers.

State Farm Senior Vice President Tim McFadden said, “This expansion is just another way State Farm continues to adjust to meet the changing needs and preferences of our customers. We will continue to make business decisions focused on how we can best serve our customers.”

I am a big fan of State Farm insurance and have been a personal customer since 1983 when I signed on to have just liability coverage on the 1971 Buick Skylark that I bought for $500 dollars.   A few years later, my brother was in a major car accident and State Farm paid off everything without much hassle therefore based on that one claim, I am probably a customer for life.  My current agent is John Lester in Dunwoody Village and looking back I think my current payment for insurance on my home and two cars is about the same as I paid for just liability coverage on a 16 year old male driver in 1983?

PS: Can I get a Hot Tub ??


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