Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Video of June 26 Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Kudos to Ms. Courtney Lynch shown above who saved a young boys life.

Recap of the agenda, everything passed as presented except item M4, the MOU for Information Services was pulled as it was not needed. Mayor Davis submitted a last second nomination to serve on the Audit Committee, Dunwoody resident and Certified Financial Planner, Mr. Stuart McLemore was confirmed to serve.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the sound gone on this?

Anonymous said...

"You can do the easy thing or you can do the right thing." - Councilor Shortal

The following opinions are a direct result of listening to the most recent City Council session.

Counselor Bonser was unable to prevent Attorney Carothers from being appointed as counsel to Ethics Board, despite repeated attempts to impugn his independence. After a 'gavel bang' to restore order, Council voted to appoint, 5-1, save for Dr. Bonser's

The Ethics Board now has an experienced, independent guide to help determine what actions, if any, shall be a lawful outcome. City attorney indicated these matters are not intuitive and counsel may provide valuable guidance. I hope so.

In my opinion, City council worked well to avoid an actual or appearance of conflict of interest by the new City attorney.

Citizens are on the hook for $150 per hour in legal fees, which will be scrutinized by both City attorney and Council.

This unfortunate and disruptive matter is now in the hands of neighbors for a good and proper factual review. I remain hopeful the process will conclude in a lawful manner.