Friday, September 7, 2012

Agenda for September 10th Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Monday, September 10th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
6:00 p.m. - Exec Session
7:00 p.m. - Voting Agenda
Watch Live at 7 pm

Discussion of Tree Inventory and Assessment. (Memo & Assessment)

Update on Zoning Code Rewrite.

FIRST READ: RZ 12-091:Pursuant to the City of Dunwoody Zoning Ordinance, Applicant, JW
Acquisitions, LLC, Seeks Permission to Rezone Properties Currently Zoned Office-InstitutionDistrict (O-I) and Multifamily Residential District (RM-HD) to Planned Development District(PD) to Allow for a 16 Acre and 19 Acre Mixed Use Development.

Discussion to Grant Land Development Waiver Request for 1931 Mount Vernon Place.

Discussion to Grant Land Development Waiver Requests for 5352 Happy Hollow Road.

Discussion of City’s Relationship with Affiliated Programming Partners.

Discussion of Park Rental Fees.

Discussion of DNR Agreement Amendment for Brook Run Trail Phase I.

Discussion of 2012 Sidewalk Construction Contract.

FIRST READ: Ordinance to Amend Chapter 24 to Adopt Regulations Governing False Alarms.

Discussion of Seasonal Concert Series.

ACTION ITEM: Project Renaissance - Approval of Revised Intergovernmental Agreement withthe Urban Redevelopment Authority.


Joe Hirsch said...

With the proposed alarm ordinance: If a parent does not pay an alarm fine and a rapist breaks in to attack a girl at her home, the police will NOT respond. I wonder if the mayor and council would still feel good about this idea afterwards. Mayor Davis says he thinks the concept is great.

Georges Danton said...

I really don't understand why so many supposedly experienced dog owners would take their dogs, especially puppies, to a dog park.

In my experience with owning generations of Brittanies, Poodles, and mutts, running free in a highly utilized dog park is probably the unhealthiest activity you can allow your dog to participate in. These dog-owners are just asking for a spread of canine disease, some of which could be fatal to their pets.

My advice is to get out and walk your dog in the neighborhood. This way you'll get exercise as well.

Get rid of the Brook Run Dog Park, you will be doing your pets a great favor. Trust me, check with your veterinarian, dog parks are NOT healthy for your dog at all!

Daughter of the Poet said...


There's no way to describe how the light splays
after the storm, under the clouds
Still piled like Armageddon
Back to the west, the northwest,
intent on incursion.

There's no way to picture it,
though others have often tried to.
Here in the mountains it's like a ricochet from a sea surge,
Meadow grass moving like sea stalks
in the depths of its brilliance.

Charles Wright

Wise Acre said...

If you had an issue with your iPad viewing the city council video stream utilize the HTML5 conversion app to to view it next time.

And for those without technical savvy, I guess you'll just have to wait until they have a plug and play to support you just like they did with blogs. Now everyone is a blogger!

DunwoodyTalk said...

after spending nearly $1 million on IT and web development I expect an easier way to view meetings online

Wise Acre said...

I'm not observing an issue with the city's web infrastructure, and the video streaming is especially a delight!

I'm able to view council meetings via DSL, cable modem, wireless router, wireless card, and on a desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and if so inclined - with my big butt in a seat in council chambers.

Very pleased, yes very pleased. Kudos to the city's IT department!

GaryRayBetz said...

September 16, 2012

Chief Billy Grogan
Dunwoody Police Department,

I just wanted to advise you that Dunwoody Police Officer Joseph Tomalka, who responded to my youngest daughter's first automobile accident (and hopefully her last) today, was very professional and efficient in the handling of all the law enforcement administrative matters, but mostly was very kindly and empathetic in consideration of my daughter's distressed state.

Please thank Officer Joseph Tomalka on behalf of my family for the compassion and professionalism he showed to my daughter during this anxious and frightening time for her.


Gary Ray Betz