Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dunwoody Christmas for Kids needs your continued support.

Important Dates:

  • We are currently registering families in need. Please contact Sgt. Espinoza to determine eligibility: or 678/382-6913.

  • NOTE: Family registration for the private Christmas Party will CLOSE once we reach our 55 qualified children maximum. However, we will continue to accept applications for local organizations and families through November 16, 2012 for gift assistance as long as we can accommodate.

  • November 1 through December 6, 2012: Gift Collections at participating CFK Gift Drop sites.

  • Dunwoody Police Headquarters will continue to collect CFK gifts for families in need through December 21, 2012.

  • November 18, 2012, 3:00pm-6:00pm: Look for the CFK program at the Dunwoody Police tent during LIGHT UP DUNWOODY.Gift

  • December 8, 2012, 2:00pm-4:00pm: Join the CFK program at First Baptist Church Atlanta for our WRAP-UP Event. Individual and group volunteers are welcome to share some holiday cheer while we "wrap-up" our collected toys for each and every CFK registered child. Contact Deborah Parsons for more info: or 770/234-8347.  

    2012 Participating CFK Gift Drop Sites in Dunwoody

    Greetings Dunwoody!

    It’s that time again! The holiday season is just around the corner. Which means the Dunwoody Police Department and our CFK team is gearing up for Christmas for Kids 2012. Our team looks forward to this event because it's our way of "wrapping up" an already amazing year with something very near and dear to our hearts.

    For those who are not yet familiar with our Christmas for Kids program, allow me to fill you in on the "crown jewel" of DPD's Community Outreach programs. Christmas for Kids began in 2009 with the goal of bringing our community together to collect new and unwrapped gifts for Dunwoody’s under-privileged children. Once gifts are gathered up, the Dunwoody Police Department invites members of the community to join our CFK team for a "Wrap-Up Event" in early December to personalize a bag of individually wrapped gifts for each of the 50 or so children who will be honored at a private Christmas party later in the month. Santa himself (along with his Elves!) make an appearance at the private event to spend quality one-on-one time with our honored guests and to hand out the gifts. CFK is unique in that the Christmas party is an intimate affair for the pre-registered children and their families only. Keeping the party private allows our CFK team to focus only on what’s important – the children and the joys of giving.

    CFK 2009-2011 were a great success; but only because of the outpouring of support from Dunwoody’s citizens and businesses. Over the next few months, our CFK team will be organizing and planning for this year’s program.

    Now is the time to give back within our community! Individuals and businesses interested in supporting the Dunwoody Police Department’s Christmas for Kids 2012 program should periodically check our CFK webpage for more information on donating supplies and gifts, hosting a Gift Drop site, or just volunteering your time or talent toward our preparations.
    Here’s to another successful Christmas season of giving back to those who really need it!

    Yours sincerely,

    Sergeant F. Espinoza
    Dunwoody Police Department

    Christmas for Kids past Highlights:

    Christmas for Kids 2011

    2011 Christmas for Kids
    In 2011, there was an incredible outpouring of volunteers and sponsors who stepped up and performed like true Christmas Champions! Our only wish was that everyone who came forward to help with CFK could have witnessed first-hand the joy and elation on the children’s faces when they received their gifts from Santa at their private party! We know for a fact that for most of these children, these will be the only gifts they receive this year.

    There were a couple of special moments during the 2011 program that we wanted to share with you because they really capture the spirit of Christmas for Kids. The first occurred during the registration interviews. A mother of three asked CFK for help. When we told her we could help, we saw the stress and pressure lift from her shoulders. She began to weep and could barely speak the words, “Thank You” from her mouth. The second moment came during the evening ofCFK 2011 Bicycle the party event. A Dunwoody citizen had donated a very nice bicycle for a teenager and the plan was for Santa to choose the teenage recipient during the event. Santa chose a 14 year-old young man who seemed shy as he and his younger siblings came forward to receive their gift bags. Santa pulled the teen close and whispered in the young man’s ear. The teenager’s jaw dropped and he was smiling from ear to ear. We seriously thought he was going to suffocate Santa as he hugged him over and over again! Throughout the evening, this teen’s eyes were fixated on his new bicycle. We spoke with him later and he revealed that this was his very first bicycle.

    Time and time again, we hear Dunwoody citizens tell us how happy and proud they are to have us. Well as a matter of fact, the entire staff at the Dunwoody Police Department are proud to have YOU as our citizens.

    CFK 2011 Wrap-Up EventThanks to each and every one of our volunteers and sponsors for your endless generosity and dedication. The CFK program would not be possible without all of our hard-working volunteers each year including the many members of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce, Dunwoody Chamber in Heels, Dunwoody Woman’s Club, and City of Dunwoody staff as well as many other volunteers representing families, businesses and other organizations within Dunwoody.

    CLICK HERE to view more photos from the 2011 event.
    CLICK HERE to see our 2011 Sponsors.

    Christmas for Kids 2010

    CFK2010The CFK program for 2010 was yet another success for the Dunwoody Police Department and its many Holiday Helpers. Nearly 70 Dunwoody children and their parents were special guests at a private Christmas party where they enjoyed festive games, crafts, food, and of course, a visit from "The Big Guy" himself.  The Dunwoody Police Explorers and several local Girl Scout troops teamed up with Dunwoody volunteers and the CFK "magical" Elves to help spread cheer throughout the evening.
    Seven-year-old Rishi Gowda of Dunwoody was in attendance once again this year - not only with donations of his own birthday presents, but CFK toys he collected throughout his own neighborhood.
    CFK toys were also distributed to several local shelters, hospitals, schools, and churches in time for Christmas.
    We'd like to thank each and every one of our CFK Committee Members and their teams of volunteers for the countless hours they have devoted towards making this year's program a success. Christmas for Kids could never happen without the tireless efforts given by these very caring and patient individuals and organizations.

    Visit with SantaFun with Elves


    CLICK HERE to view more photos of the 2010 CFK event

    Gift Wrap Volunteers CFK Toy Drive

    CLICK HERE to view Dunwoody Patch news article and photos linkRishi's Letter

    CLICK HERE to view Rishi's 2009 CFK story on CBS news

    Christmas for Kids 2009

    CFK Logo 2009
    santakidDunwoody Police Department's first annual Christmas for Kids can go down in the books as being an absolute success. The idea was to bring a little Christmas joy and happiness to a few of Dunwoody's less privileged children. However, instead of just a few children, well over 100 received a bag full of gifts and experienced a Christmas event that they are sure to remember for years to come.

    This event was only made possible by the tremendous outpouring of support from citizens, businesses, and neighborhoods. There were many individuals and groups who demonstrated what this time of year is all about and without them this campaign would not have been able to make so many children happy this Christmas.

    Christmas for Kids 2009 is just one of many community projects and campaigns that are to come and we are looking forward to working side by side with you in order to make our City of Dunwoody an even greater place to call home.

    A heartfelt thanks goes out to all volunteers and sponsors who made this event possible!
        Dinner for CFK kidsCFK2010

    CFK Volunteers
    CLICK HERE to view CBS News coverage of the 2009 event
    CLICK HERE to view more photos of the 2009 event


John Heneghan said...

I forgot to mention that there is a special emphasis this year on new, unwrapped toys for kids aged 8-12.

Thank you for helping those in our community who are less fortunate.

Colleen O'Casey said...

Great charity. Thanks for posting.

Daughter of the Poet said...

Not Forgotten

I learned to ride
the two wheel bicycle
with my father.
He oiled the chain
clothes-pinned playing cards
to the spokes, put on the basket
to carry my lunch.
By his side, I learned balance
and took on speed
centered behind the wide
handlebars, my hands
on the white grips
my feet pedaling.
One moment he was
holding me up
and the next moment
although I didn't know it
he had let go.
When I wobbled, suddenly
afraid, he yelled keep going—
keep going!
Beneath the trees in the driveway
the distance increasing between us
I eventually rode until he was out of sight.
I counted on him.

That he could hold me was a given
that he could release me was a gift.

- Sheila Packa

John Heneghan said...

Last day to give a gift - wrapping party on Saturday. Thanks.