Friday, November 9, 2012

Dunwoody High School Band Auction offers some great items and fantastic deals.

The Dunwoody High School Band NEEDS YOU!!

Our award-winning band (straight 1’s at the 2012 Marching Competition) continues to experience growing pains. Your participation in our first annual auction will help provide support to a growing organization. In addition to the on-going cost of managing the band (band camp, game day meals, scholarships, etc.), we are hoping to replace a number of aging instruments — some as old as 1972!

Thanks to so many incredible donations from around the Dunwoody community, we have a virtual (pun-intended) plethora of items! Take a look at our catalog where you will find a wide variety of very exciting choices. Then make a bid! Get started by clicking on My Account (also in the upper right corner of the page).

Let the Bidding Begin!

As you’ll see in the catalog, we have been blessed with a wide variety of exciting auction items. Please wander through everything! Then make a bid. Remember, all proceeds directly benefit the Dunwoody High School Band, so don’t hold back!

Thank you in advance for your support in making our first auction a brilliant success!

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