Monday, November 5, 2012

Vote for Kingsley Charter Elementary School Clorox School Grant

Kingsley Charter Elementary School has entered the Clorox "Power A Bright Future Contest".  If you participated in last year's Peachtree Middle School Track Contest, the procedure is the same.  You may vote twice per day, once on-line (after registration) and once via text:pabf3034 to 95248
Click here to Register and Vote on-line for Kingsley or use the link on the side of the blog. 
Kingsley's entry: 

Purchase iPads to help every one of our students reach their potential
Kingsley Charter School, Dunwoody, GA

Program Detail:
Kingsley Charter School currently serves over 585 students from Pre K thru 5th grade. Budget cuts have cost our school our reading coach and our only interpreter. Despite these difficulties, Kingsley strives to provide a quality education for every child regardless of their race, nationality, religion, or socioeconomic situation. Kingsley is also proud to serve as a regional school for special education students in the area, serving students in grades Pre K thru 4th. Over 35% of students at Kingsley qualify for free or reduced lunches. Over 30% of our students speak English as their second language. All our parents are expected to take an active role in improving our school by volunteering at least 16 hours per year. Kingsley Parents volunteered over 6500 hours last year. Today Kingsley finds itself at the forefront of the Charter School debate. We strongly believe that the people who know the children the best make the strongest advocates for our students' education.

How this Grant will Help:
At Kingsley, we have seen firsthand how iPads are able to reach children who are having trouble with basic reading and math skills as well as those who test well above grade level. Last year, with 6 iPads donated by parents (as well as over 250 classroom volunteer hours) we were given a glimpse into what is possible when kids are given some time with stimulating educational applications. For many of our students, access to this type of technology is only available at school. We had hoped to expand this program this school year with additional funding from our local school board. Unfortunately for our students, a budget crisis put a temporary halt to our ambitions. Our school is especially excited about the possibility of using iPads to help our ESL and special education students reach their potential. The money from Clorox would help us purchase enough iPads and carts to ensure that every student in our school gets some time with these amazing educational tools.

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John Heneghan said...

Kingsley parents want us to keep voting, either by clicking the link down below or texting 1913pbf to 95248.