Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 City of Dunwoody Project Recap

Split Contract Service Model
Dunwoody Village Trifold
Dunwoody Village
Georgetown Trifold
N Peachtree Till Mill
Georgetown Multi-use Trail
Traffic Signal Alternative
Womack Vermack
Economic Development
Project Renaissance
Dunwoody Village Pkway


Joe Seconder said...

Hi John -- It's been over a year since the Park Bonds failed. Can we start a discussion on what the citizens would like to do with our parks? Lot's of things to discuss, up to and including if we want to have a "Recreation" component similar to Sandy Springs.

My random thoughts about our parks:

#1: Start the community conversation with Public Open Houses. Go over the Parks Master Plans. For each park, come up with two lists: a) a overall Top Ten of the 10 BEST projects / things that each park could have regardless of cost or scope. b) Then make a second top 10 list list -- but this time it would be focused on the lowest cost items, things that could be done through volunteers, donations in-kind, public-private partnerships, rather quickly, etc.

#2: Establish a legitimate 501c(3) non-profit "Friends of Dunwoody Parks" whatever. Use this non-profit to be able to seek out private donations, grants, etc. Donations in kind or cash, etc. for park amenities through this non-profit would then be a tax deduction for donors. Get some type of formal city-recognized partnership & understanding with this non-profit so that when they (for example) install a new swingset in a park, it won't be ripped out in a year because it wasn't in the city plan.

#3: Head on over to some of the big Fortune 500 companies in the PCID (ask Yvonne to introduce) and pitch the plan and see what they say. For more active recreation uses, if accessible for their employees, these corporations would have a buy-in (Healthier employees are less expensive).

#4: Educate the public about our millage rate, revenue, budget, & expenses by department / major activity. The more they understand how LOW our millage rate is, and what we are able to to -- and NOT do, the better we can create priorities and come to a consensus.

#5: IF talk ever came about for another bond, FIRST have lots of public meetings, formally establish a citizen's review & oversight board for full accountability and transparency, come up with a definitive project list THEN write the proposal for the referendum and the bond. --- Just my 2 cents....

Wishbone Nolan said...

Damn, I leave the South for two years and in the interim ain't Dunwoody got everything running full tits speed ahead!

Maybe after Manhattan gets through chewing and spitting me out, I'll get back down that way, until then have a great new year suckers!