Friday, December 7, 2012

Agenda for December 10th Dunwoody City Council Meeting

Monday, December 10th
Dunwoody City Hall
41 Perimeter Center East
Dunwoody, GA 30346
5:00 p.m. - Exec Session
6:00 p.m. - Work Session
Agenda (my comments in RED)
Recognition of Government 101 Graduating Class.
Proclamation Recognizing Dunwoody High School Cross Country Team and State Champ Ms. Alex Cameron.
Update on the CAD-to-CAD Interface Project. (Getting very close.)
Approval of 2013 Planning and Zoning Meeting Schedule.
Approval of Position Allocation and Compensation Chart. (Staffing levels & Salary)
Resolution Appointing Board of Ethics Members. (Janet Webb & Wade Wright)
Resolution Appointing Community Council Members. (Steve Barton & Susan Harper)
Resolution Appointing Development Authority Members. (Augustine, Gaddis, Miller)
Resolution Appointing Planning Commission Members. (Anders, Converse, Dwyer)
Resolution Appointing Board of Zoning Appeals Members. (McCahan, Mitchell, Penn)
Resolution Adopting 2013 Legislative Priorities.
Approval of Settlement Agreement re: Litigation. (Joseph Hirsch v. City of Dunwoody - will be removed from consent)
Resolution Authorizing and Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement With DeKalb Countyfor Water and Sewer Pavement Repairs.
False Alarm Research Report.(follow Sandy Springs model?)
Resolution In Support of DNR Recreation Trails Grant Application.
Approval of 2012 Capital Paving Contract Amendment.
Approval of Five Year Paving Plan.
Approval of 2013 Paving Plan.
Approval of Contract for Road and Stormwater Maintenance.
Resolution to Approve an Intergovernmental Agreement with DeKalb County for theEstablishment of an Excise Tax on Energy used in Manufacturing.
Acceptance of Georgia Emergency Management Agency Grant. (Missing from Agenda packet?)
Approval of Amendment to Jacbos Engineering, Inc. Contract. (additional civic engagement)
FIRST READ: Ordinance to Authorize the Lease of a Fire Station to DeKalb County.
FIRST READ: Ordinance to Authorize the Lease of the Dunwoody Library to DeKalb County.
FIRST READ: Ordinance to Authorize Transfer Water Tower Property to DeKalb County.


Ken Thompson said...

Can you provide a link to the "Hirsch v Dunwoody" settlement agreement?


John Heneghan said...

Ken, under the advice of Legal Council I can't release at this time. It is currently on the consent agenda for approval at 7 pm but it only takes one council member to pull that off for open discussion, public vetting or deferral; and if I were you I would double down that it will not be finalized on consent.

A few packet documents were updated after the fact. They are the 2012 paving, the 2013 paving and the Road Stormwater Maintenance items. Check the original links.

The new item is the GEMA Grant and the link is below.

Richard said...


Can you provide an update on your "Hawk Emergency"?

Ken Thompson said...



Is there a document or training materials available that cover what can and cannot be disclosed by the City to citizens and under what conditions previously withheld information could be made available?

Thanks again.

John Heneghan said...

Here is the Settlement Agreement between Joseph Hirsch v. City of Dunwoody.

Full release in link above but below is page one.

WHEREAS, the City of Dunwoody (“City”) established an Adopt-A-Spot program to encourage public participation in beautifying public rights-of-way and keeping such property clean and free of debris in exchange for public recognition of a participant’s efforts in the form of a sign bearing the name of the participant;
WHEREAS, the City had set aside a limited number of locations for adoption within the City as a part of the Adopt-A-Spot program;
WHEREAS, Joseph Hirsch (“Hirsch”) submitted an application on behalf of a group named “Dunwoody Public Works Director Michael Smith is an $#%@” (the “Group”) to participate in the City’s Adopt-A-Spot program and to have the Group recognized on the sign to be erected;
WHEREAS, the Group’s first location of choice to adopt was a location described as “Ashford Ctr Pkwy – nearest to Ashford Dunwoody Road” and the second location of choice was described as “Chamblee Dunwoody @ Vermack Rd.”, both of which describe locations set aside by the City for participation in the Adopt-A-Spot program;
WHEREAS, Hirsch, for himself and as the designated and empowered agent for the Group, agreed to abide by and comply with the guidelines and requirements of the City’s Adopt-A-Spot program;
WHEREAS, the application submitted by Hirsch on behalf of the Group was denied by the City on April 25, 2012;