Monday, January 28, 2013

Dunwoody Mayor announces Krystal Corporate HQ move and city passes False Alarm Ordinance - video

Recap: Three new police officers were sworn in, Mayor Davis announces Krystal Corporate Headquarters moving to Dunwoody, everything on agenda passed as submitted except that a minor change was made to the Alarm Ordinance prior to final approval. Only alarms that are registered with an alarm monitoring company are now required to be registered with the City.  There is no registration fee for residential alarms ($25 for commercial alarms) but other fees kick in for failing to register and numerous false alarms where police are called out.


Steve Barton said...

Krystals! Yay!

Ken Thompson said...

I have a home automation system that includes remote access and messaging. For example, should the basement flood there is sensor that will trigger a water shutoff valve and send an alert to my mobile.

While it is primarily used for automated control/configuration of various appliances, lights, door/access control, remote video monitoring and HVAC control, there are scenes that will result in an alert should a door unexpectedly be opened or motion detected when there should be no movement. My system is not monitored by a third party service and any interaction with DPD based on alerts from this system will come directly from me.

My reading of the ordinance (and similar FARA driven codes) is that my home automation system requires registration as it has "been designed to signal the occurrence of illegal or unauthorized entry..." in part if not exclusively. Is that a correct interpretation of this ordinance?

Also, if I receive an alert and after accessing my system determine via remote video that my home has been illegally entered will the Dunwoody Police department respond to a call if I am at work or at some other remote location?