Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dunwoody passes resolution for Ethics Ordinance Moratorium

Monday was a long night with much City Council discussion and just one vote; whereby we put into place a 90 day moratorium on the filing of ethics complaints and this was done to only change the way these items are handled, not to change the ethical rules in which we strive to operate.  Much of the discussion on ethics took place at the 6 pm meeting shown below and that is also where the 911 CAD to CAD item was again updated.  It was brought out in open discussion in the work session and the main meeting that there is another recent ethics charge that the city is dealing with and that we will follow the original ethics ordinance in its handling.

Work Session 6 pm - poor sound quality

Council discussed numerous other things like the alarm ordinance, court probation fees, the City purchasing policy and other things whereby there were either no or very minor changes to what was presented.  Council decided the next big intersection to be funded for complete design plans will be Vermack / Mt. Vernon with the intersection of Chamblee Dunwoody / Spalding receiving just preliminary design funding along with outreach with the community and Sandy Springs.

My video limit is 3 hours per recording, therefore a second and much shorter video clip was needed to record the complete meeting.

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