Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DeKalb Fire Chief O'Brien visits Dunwoody to discuss ambulance changes and an overall meeting recap.

Video of Chief O'Brien is shown at about the 15 min mark on the following video link.

Video two    http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/35556011

The audio from the meetings are rather poor but it works if you turn your volume way up.

Recap - everything officially presented (Ashford Dunwoody Hotel items) were passed but the discussion items are telling as it gives the city staff an idea on where the council is leaning for approval items at the next meeting.    General Emergency Notification Sirens look to be going nowhere soon with only me and Councilman Shortal in strong support but lightning detection for large open areas (like used at Murphy Candler) has full council approval and will be researched by staff.  The Tree Atlanta item looks promising for passage but a discussion on fruit trees not being a part of the project at all for planting in our parks where we already have an orchard doesn't make sense to meDesign number 2 on the Mt. Vernon Vermack intersection was selected.  The cost of GIS maps are going up soon.  Building construction standards for four story buildings are being proposed to be toughened.  Public Safety Video Surveillance will be passed, the election IGA has more questions than answers and finally Alcohol in the parks will pass.

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