Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dunwoody Police Crime Response Team is ready for your requests.

Dunwoody PD CRT team

CRT Mission and Philosophy

The Crime Response Team was formed in May of 2013 as part of the Dunwoody Police Patrol Division to provide the Department with the ability to quickly address emerging crime trends and problem areas. The CRT allows the Department to direct resources to a specific problem without diverting Patrol officers from responding to calls for service. The overriding philosophy of the CRT is that crime can be deterred from occurring through highly proactive enforcement and through directed enforcement following creative problem oriented policing strategies.

The Crime Response Team consists of three patrol officers and one sergeant working in a variety of marked and unmarked vehicles, bicycle patrol and foot patrol - depending upon the specific problem they are addressing.

CRT Goals and PrioritiesDunwoody Police CRT

The goal of the Crime Response Team is to answer all traffic and criminal complaints in your area. The main priorities of the CRT are:
  1. Traffic Enforcement and Investigations
  2. Suppression of Property Crime and Crimes Against Persons
  3. Narcotic Investigations
  4. Problem-Oriented Policing Projects

Traffic Hazards and Complaints

The Traffic Complaint Form is designed to provide citizens the opportunity to alert the Dunwoody Police Department to potential traffic hazards in their neighborhood or a particular location within the City.
Such complaints might be drivers repeatedly disobeying a stop sign at an intersection, drivers failing to slow down in school zones, or drivers routinely speeding at a particular location.

If you have observed a potential traffic hazard and would like the Dunwoody Police Department's Crime Response Team to look into it, please use our ONLINE TRAFFIC COMPLAINT FORM to notify us.

Speed Trailer Requests and Reports

The use of a speed trailer aids in educating the public. Especially the driver who may be unaware of exactly how fast they are going. While traffic enforcement through visible patrols and traffic citations remains an important component of our overall traffic safety strategy, the use of our speed monitoring trailer bolsters our efforts to reduce speeding through education and awareness.

Residents who would like the speed monitoring trailer placed in their neighborhood are invited to use our ONLINE SPEED TRAILER REQUEST FORM to notify us. Due to the high volume of requests for the speed montoring trailer, placements will occur in the order in which requests are received.

For speed trailer results reporting, visit our SPEED TRAILER PAGE.

Criminal Complaints or Tips

The Dunwoody Police Department utilizes state of the art technology to receive information on criminal activity including potential drug "hot spots", crimes against persons or property, and other important information to help resolve or deter criminal activity within our community. Specific information such as addresses, detailed suspect descriptions, makes, models, colors, license plates and special features of vehicles as well as any other pertinent information can be helpful to the Department when investigating tips and complaints. Visit our Submit A Crime Tip page for access to our text or online tools.

Sgt. Jason Dove
Sgt. Jason Dove
Sergeant Jason Dove oversees the Crime Response Team and can be reached at (678) 382-6910 or EMAIL SERGEANT DOVE


Sight Edman said...

The speed trailer reports are not bad. It would be nice if the City published the raw data in CSV format that included the date, time and speed. Also missing in the 2012 CD/Redfield data is the school zone but I'm pretty sure the trailer was put outside the variable speed zone on purpose, but the Austin data do not include school speeds either...just the "posted 35 MPH". That's just one reason the raw data would be nice. It cannot cost much so why is it not available?

John Heneghan said...

Sight Edman, as guy who plays with sql statements, excel spreadsheets and pivot tables in order to get the last bit of productivity from my employees; I fully understand your request. I will request it but believe I did so once before and was told it was unavailable.

John Heneghan said...

Sight Edman, I was informed the PD does capture the raw data and can provide it in some type of format if requested. Their practice is to post the summary information and they plan to continue to do that in the future. Please contact Sgt Dove shown in the post about which specific trailer results you are interested in getting and they will try to provide it.