Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Video of July 22 Dunwoody City Council Meeting - Alcohol nixed, Trees Replaced, Orchard Expanded & Clean Sweep Announced

All items passed as presented except the alcohol in parks item which failed.  300 trees will be planted in city parks including a possible expansion of the orchard in Brook Run.  Three candidates (Jim Riticher, Henly Shelton and Sam Eads) announced during public comment for the Nov City Council elections as a slate naming themselves as the "clean sweep candidates" see video at the 12 min mark for announcement.

Alcohol in parks item is discussed at the 23:30 point above and was rejected unanimously.

Approval of Contract Award to Trees Atlanta Agreement for Tree Plantings Within the City Parks. (Passed with the possible addition of fruit trees added to the Brook Run Orchard.)

Approval of Project Agreement with the Georgia Department of Transportation for Perimeter Center Traffic System Upgrades(Passed)

RESOLUTION: To Establish Print Fees for GIS Maps(Passed)

Approval of Contract Award for RFP 13-02 Public Safety Video Surveillance Project(Passed)

SECOND READ: Ordinance to Amend Chapter 25, Section 25-32: Possession, Use, or Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages. (Failed)

RESOLUTION - 90 Day Moratorium on Rezoning and Special Land Use Permit Applications. (Passed)

Appointment of Member to Serve on the Dunwoody Audit Committee. (Approved)

RESOLUTION to Establish Fees for Life Safety Review and Inspection.(Passed)


WorthWells said...

Pretty awesome, Dunwoody Police can continue to use license plate readers to capture, catalog and store indefinitely the locations, date and time as cars move about Dunwoody, now cataloging who enters/exits Brook Run.....but you cant have a beer in your cooler at Food Truck Thursdays

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