Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dunwoody Economic Development Update 2013 and Major Zoning Entitlements

Good update on Economic Development but what was eye opening was the number of future housing units approved on the books by DeKalb prior to Incorporation.  Most large scale projects were zoned with both office, hotel, condo and rental, and then never built.  The allowances to build these structures are still in place and the city will attempt to do what is right for the community to see that the correct mix is built in the future but push come to shove - they have the allowances that we can not mandatory change the zoning entitlements because we want too.

To see of the zoning allowances, click here which is the Dunwoody GIS system and then accept.  Click Active Layer and drop down to Major Zoning Entitlements then click Tools and drop down to Identity.  Now click on the locations in the city where you think major developement coould happen, mostly around the mall..

Future High Street project located directly across the street from the Dunwoody Marta stop is allowed a bunch or retail, 400 hotel rooms, 1,500 condos and 1,500 rental units.

Future Novare project located kiddy corner across the street from the Dunwoody Marta stop is allowed a another 900 condos.


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