Sunday, October 20, 2013

Empire State Pizza & Growlers in Dunwoody, GA on Winters Chapel at Peeler

Empire Pizza & Growlers      Dinner Menu
5000 Winters Chapel Rd
Dunwoody, GA 30360
770-680-5516 - Pick Up Only for now.

12-9 Sunday and Monday 11-10 Tuesday through Saturday

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John Heneghan said...


Business is booming at Empire State Pizza & Growlers located in the "Dunwoody Corners" part of town.

Pass the word, we need help -Pizza Cooks, Line Cooks, Servers and a takeout/hostess person who does not need to be 18!

Job Application at link below at bottom of page.

Anonymous said...

Absentee owner lets kids run business - This place is roach and fly infested and the waitstaff is rude and indifferent.

We ate here often (weekly) until a roach crawled from under the table and walked over our pizza. We were disgusted and the waiter informed us they had a roach infestation, he didn't even apologize - we got up to leave.

A bad business decision in a small community when the waiter 'demanded' we pay for our pizza - we didn't order roach toppings!.

So over $6 the cops were called. When we threatened the health department - the waiter insisted the police do something because he would need to pay out of his pocket.

Bad business decision to allow kids to run your business and to treat your infestation better than your customers.

John Heneghan said...

My family had a great meal at Empire this evening and when I heard that Todd the owner of Empire was growing his hair our for a St. Baldrick's event I found his page and helped support this great charity.

Maybe you can do the same.