Thursday, October 24, 2013

Young Families of Dunwoody want open discussion with City Council Candidates - Sunday 7 pm at Kingsley Swim and Racquet Club

Sunday, October 27th, 2013
Kingsley Swim and Racquet Club – Club House
Are you a young family raising your children here in the city of Dunwoody? Do you find yourself commenting on things that you love and brainstorming directions you would like to see our city go? Perhaps you have questions about the future of schools, park systems, ball fields, walk-able cities, street safety, city aesthetics, commutability, and more…
Come join your fellow Dunwoody families at the City Council Candidate Q&A Session.  Meet the candidates and take the opportunity to ask them questions about things that are most meaningful to you and your family.

This event is meant to be positive, vision-based, and forward thinking.  Its intent is to highlight the questions families have about our city's future and the positive and actionable steps the candidates, if elected, would take to address these questions and concerns.

Families Ask the Questions & The Candidates Share Their Answers

·       Coverage by the Dunwoody Crier
·       Special guest: State Legislator and Dunwoody resident, Tom Taylor
·       Moderator: Kathy Howe
·       All city council candidates from all three districts have been invited to attend the event.

Supported by Young Families of Dunwoody:
Shawn and Ben Bard, Dona and Gabriel Cardenas, Erika and Laurence Harris, Amy and Scott Hatmaker, Nancy and Stan Jester, Lyndsey and Richard Pearson, Audra and Ben Weiss, Bridgette and Aaron Uhde, Jennifer Westrick, KaLyn Davis and Evan Wetstone

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Rose Gorham said...

John. Did you video this last night?

John Heneghan said...

Yes Rose, I recorded the entire evening in 11 segments and will have them up within a day or two as processing and upload time allows. For future recordings, I also need to learn where exactly the Ipad microphone is located and learn not to touch it.

Thinking I might need to invest in an external mic. Anyone have firsthand experience with the Irig Mic Cast?