Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dunwoody Georgetown Kroger Manager's Act of Kindness will not be forgotten by a frazzled mother of four.

Kroger Store Manager Mr. Al Landi

I noted a wonderful feel good story on Facebook as told by my neighbor Mrs. Sherrie Gonzalez-Rubio that really touched me and after talking to her, she has gladly allowed me to share the story on the blog.   Sherrie is a mother of four children and she recounts a recent frazzled trip to the Georgetown Kroger, during the evening rush with children in tow, where she forgot her wallet.   After panicking a bit searching through her belongings, looking for a way to pay, with the line behind her growing ever longer; the store Co-Manager Mr. Al Landi came up to her and said to take the groceries home and pay at a later date. 

 Sherrie was completely floored by the gesture as she explained in a later comment,...
"Here is another lesson I learned from this. I need to be a more gracious receiver. When he offered this, I of course took him up on it, & thanked him profusely, but kept stammering about how sorry I was, and embarrassed I was, & I would get back ASAP to pay him. I left feeling very grateful, but also embarrassed that I was leaving with groceries I couldn't pay for.  How selfish of me! Someone did something amazing for me, & I let my ego take over. LAME! While I thanked him, not once did I tell him that he really made my day, or that people like him are what make the world a better place."
Sherrie's timeline has filled with "Likes" and numerous comments about how this small gesture of kindness was an amazing gift to a frazzled mother who was just trying to put dinner on the table.    I believe a personal heartfelt thank you was given to Mr. Landi earlier tonight and if I know Sherrie, Al got a huge hug.

Kudos Mr. Landi, you have cemented the loyalty of many neighborhood shoppers with this one kind act and in doing so you have personally returned the word "community" to the neighborhood grocery store.   Thank you.

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