Monday, December 22, 2014

Dunwoody High School Wildcat Royale Fundraiser - Sat January 31st

Since 2004, the DHS Community Association (aka Wildcat Fund) has championed and contributed to Dunwoody’s flagship high school. Here are examples of how our foundation has supported DHS: new tennis courts, a rubberized track surface, a new grand piano, laptops and printers for classrooms, and the support of many student academic clubs and teams. Looking forward, there are big plans for improvements across the board at Dunwoody High School and this alumni association will be one of the leaders in making these plans a reality.

The capital improvements already identified by Principal McFerrin which have been approved by DeKalb County School System but await funding are: digital marquee, ADA bathroom facilities on athletic fields, lights for our practice field, and gym concession stand. Additional wish list items include: copiers on every floor for teachers, an additional Counseling sta“ff member (college prep/graduation coach), stairs/bleachers for baseball field, new turf for our practice field, new track around our practice field, and a staging room and offices off the auditorium.

These advancements will help to bring Dunwoody residents together in new and exciting ways. More and more Dunwoody High School alumni are returning to the Dunwoody community and we are seeing a second generation of students entering through the doors of the school. Further, since area residents will also be able to utilize these facilities, there will be an enhancement of quality of life and property values in the neighborhood.

Our reason for doing this is simple; we want to enhance our Dunwoody community, making it the best it can be. And you can help to make our vision a reality. Any donation you can o“er to the Wildcat Fund is an investment in our collective future. Together, we can make it happen so please join us and “Be All In.” click here to complete paper response card or here to do the online registration.

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