Thursday, April 23, 2015

PEDS and Dunwoody Police Partner for Pedestrian Safety on Tilly Mill Road - Today

Dunwoody Police ticket 19 for crosswalk violation on Tilly Mill at Andover.

The Dunwoody Police Department conducts frequent, multi-faceted safety operations to reduce pedestrian injuries and fatalities as part of their Pedestrian Safety Initiative.  Today this type of sting will be happening once again.

Crossing Tilly Mill Road in Dunwoody is dangerous for pedestrians, as many drivers do not stop for crossing pedestrians and Georgia crosswalk laws are poorly understood. This area is also an active pedestrian corridor and bus route for area neighborhoods. Respectful driving is necessary to ensure the safety of all users of the road. Police will target drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks.

PEDS supports this operation by providing training in pedestrian safety enforcement to the police. In partnership with the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, PEDS also provides educational flyers that drivers receive along with their citations.

 On average, every day 4 pedestrians are hit by drivers in metro Atlanta.
  • On average, every day 4 pedestrians are hit by drivers in metro Atlanta.
  • Georgia law requires drivers to stop (not just yield) for pedestrians in crosswalks, even when the pedestrian is in another lane.
  • Lower speeds greatly reduce the risk that a pedestrian crash will be fatal.

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