Friday, August 7, 2015

Dunwoody police cracking down on speeders near local schools.

Dunwoody police are cracking down on speeders just days before school starts in DeKalb County.

“We are launching a campaign just reinforcing the safety and concerns for our children walking to schools and riding their bikes so we are deploying them near the schools,” said Officer Timothy Fecht.

Fecht and his colleagues are getting ready for Monday when DeKalb County students go back to class after their summer break.

“We will be out there aggressively enforcing traffic laws because the safety of our kids is primary,” said Fecht.

The past few weeks, officers have been strategically placing their speed trailer in high-speed areas in neighborhoods and near schools like Austin Elementary.

“I think it’s a good idea. People are speeding around Dunwoody all the time. On this street alone,” said neighbor Glen Schelhammer.

The speed trailer collects a lot of data on drivers who pass by it daily.

“It’s able to break down for us how fast cars are going and what percentage above or below the speed limit in detailed per mile per car,” Fecht said.

Some of the data collected by police says July 29 to Aug. 5, 22,652 cars were recorded with an average speed of 38 mph in a 35 mph zone. 2,373 cars were traveling more than 45 mph.

“They clocked someone doing 90 just past Dunwoody Country Club,” said Schelhammer.

Dunwoody police said there will be several areas they will be targeting next week and they have hidden radar detectors as well.

“Roberts Drive near Austin elementary, North Peachtree with Chestnut and Peachtree Middle School as well as Dunwoody Elementary on Womack Road,” Fecht said are some of the areas being targeted.

If you have speeders in your area, most metro police departments will allow you to request a speed trailer.

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